Jew-Tool Colin Flaherty Defends the Oppressive Occupational Jews Against Brave Black Jew-Fighters

Please note that the title of this article is intended to be inflammatory.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
Novemver 15, 2013

Colin Flaherty with a rabbi at a press conference announcing his new book "Holocaust Survivor Bleed a Lot."
Colin Flaherty with a rabbi at a press conference announcing his new book “Holocaust Survivor Bleed a Lot.”

Colin Flaherty, a friend of Alex Jones who believes the main problem in the world is not Jews, but hordes of blacks who somehow appeared out of nowhere and started committing egregious acts of brutal violence, is yet again defending the Jewish race, making them out to be victims of the terrible blacks.

In a recent advertisement for his book “White Girl Bleed a Lot” disguised as a news article, Colin bemoans the horrible plight of the innocent Jews, suffering under the whip of black oppression.

In the book advertisement, entitled “Open Season on Jews?” Flaherty describes a recent black attack on Jews in Crown Heights, and says “The video is so compelling and the number of recent cases so great that some network affiliates are having a hard time ignoring it.”  In actual fact, the video is not at all compelling, as all it shows is one Jew getting slapped like a bitch.  And there aren’t really that many recent cases (especially if we compare it with the number of recent cases of black-on-white violence).  The reason the media is not ignoring it is because it was a Jew, rather than a White, who was attacked.

Blacks are a Symptom of the Jewish Problem

The media is entirely owned by Jews, and it is this Jewish media that works so diligently to cover up the race war that Colin claims to want to expose.

The fact is, Jews brought the blacks here, then stopped them from being sent home when they actually wanted to go home, then gave them unlimited free everything, then made them into media stars and told White women it was hip and trendy to have sex with them.

At the same time, they have kept them in a state of dependence on their system, while flooding their communities with drugs and producing music which tells him it is fun and exciting to kill one another and produce infinite numbers of hopeless bastard children who can then be used as ammunition in the Jewish war against White America.

Some of the blacks are beginning to wake up to the fact that White people and Jews are not the same thing, and that it is Jews, and not White people, who are responsible for their plight.

Colin and a rabbi, pictured at a summer potluck at Alex Jones' 100 million dollar Texas fortress.
Colin and a rabbi, pictured at a summer potluck at Alex Jones’ 100 million dollar Texas fortress.

I cannot think of anything I care less about than Jews getting slapped around on the street by blacks.  They most definitely have it coming.  But Colin would have you believe there is a bitch-slap Holocaust taking place, and we must all shed a tear and light a candle for these modern Anne Franks, these helpless victims, the Jews.

Blacks are nothing more than a weapon of mass destruction used by the Jews against White America.  If it was not for the Jews, the blacks, primitive as they are, could never in a billion years have ever presented a threat to the White European people.  Portraying the violent hordes of blacks as a phenomenon that exists in a vacuum is abject nonsense.

Flaherty knows all this, I would wager, but isn’t going to tell you, because directly naming and attacking the Jew, as we do here at the Daily Stormer, is not the way you sell books, become a Fox News expert guest or get a syndicated talk show.

Colin Flaherty is a shill, plain and simple.  All he does is state the clear and obvious fact that blacks are savages and are constantly attacking us, while purposefully refusing to acknowledge the bigger issue behind all of it, which is the Jewish problem.  He won’t even go so far as to explain that black violence is a manifestation of black genetics – he pretends this is a ‘social problem.’

The man is entirely useless, and needs to be called out as a liar and a spineless marketeering charlatan.