Jew to Jew-Loving Evangelicals: “We Don’t Trust You”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2014

This is an actual picture of Yori Yanover.
This is an actual picture of Yori Yanover.

Yori Yanover, a Jew who has repeatedly defended Jew child molesters, writing for the Jewish Press, has for some reason chosen to explain publicly that even though Zionist Evangelical Christians love the Jews so very, very much, the Jews do not like them.

It is rather fascinating that with the base of Evangelicals in America being – quite literally – the deciding factor in the continued existence of the state of Israel, Jews actually have the nerve – “chutzpah,” they call it – to come out and condemn and insult them.

Yanover writes:

The majority of you don’t speak Hebrew well enough to even understand my Bible, never mind assert foolish things about prophecies predicting Jesus. And those of you who do have a half decent command of Biblical Hebrew either lack the scholarship to understand why those “proofs” are idiotic, or are outright swindlers, looking to mislead innocent, ignorant Jews.

I don’t belittle your obvious love to me, which is a sweet thing to have in a world that mostly wants to see me dead. But I also can’t help the nagging sensation that this is not s much love as protecting your bet in the historic horserace inside your head, in which Jesus comes back, the Jews realize the errors of their ways and the world is saved.

In other words, while I and my fellow faithful Jews like the fact that the next pogrom will not come from an Evangelical torch and pitchfork crowd, we still don’t trust you. You can’t say you love me for who I am, because who I am includes a thorough rejection of the essence of your ideology, all of it, completely, I hold that there’s no truth to it whatsoever.

One might even go so far as to assert that continued existence of the Jews as a people is dependent on American Christian Zionists.

Surely, if it was not for them, we would cut the funding to the Jew state tomorrow, as aside from the weird cult, there is simply no logical reason to support these Jews. The fact that they use the money to commit genocide against the indigenous people of Palestine removes the humanitarian burden of protecting the allegedly persecuted Jews, even if you believe this Holocaust gibberish.

If it were not for the doctrine of Christian Zionism, most Christians would, by default, be Antisemitic, as this has been the default position of Christians since the beginnings of the religion. Thus, we would not continue to allow Jews to continue to run our government, economy and media.

Given what these Jews have already done to us, if Christian Zionism were to stop existing tomorrow, and the veil thus lifted, the core of America seeing just how these people have come at us, destroying our political, economic and social order, they would surely be run out of the country. Europe, doing as they do and following every move we Americans make, would likely do the same. By default, Jews would be sent to their Jew state, but with funding cut, they would only be able to hold out against the Arabs for so long, and would eventually just start sending off nuclear bombs, at which point Europe would be forced to nuke their whole crappy desert in self-defense.

Thus, without American Christian Zionists, Jews would no longer exist.

And somehow, this Jew Yori Yanover has the nerve to attack these people, publicly?