Jew Thomas Friedman Admits to Just Making Stuff Up, Calls for Nuclear War with Russia

Jimmy Wombat
Daily Stormer
October 8, 2016

WASHINGTON - FEBRUARY 27: Columnist of the New York Times, Thomas Friedman, gestures as he attends a roundtable discussion on NBC's 'Meet the Press' during a taping at the NBC studios February 27, 2005 in Washington, DC. Safire spoke about U.S. President George W. Bush's recent trip to Europe. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Somewhere there is a lamp whose bare bulb needs shading

This kike lies even when he admits he’s lying! He loves nothing more than smiting the enemies of the Jews. In this article the first three paragraphs are completely made up. He even admits it!

Thomas L. Friedman OCT. 5, 2016 (editor’s note: The middle initial “L” stands for “Lampshade-in-waiting”) writes for New York Times:

You may have missed this story, so I am repeating it as a public service:

MOSCOW, Special to The New York Times, Oct. 1 — A previously unheard-of group called Hackers for a Free Russia released a treasure trove of financial records online today indicating that President Vladimir Putin owns some $30 billion in property, hotels and factories across Russia and Europe, all disguised by front organizations and accounting charades.

The documents, which appear to be authentic, include detailed financial records and emails between Mr. Putin’s Kremlin office and a number of his Russian cronies and Swiss banks. They constitute the largest hack ever of Mr. Putin. Russian censors are scrambling to shut down Twitter inside the country and keep the emails out of Russian-language media.

At a news conference in Washington, C.I.A. Director John Brennan was asked if U.S. intelligence services had any hand in the cyberleak of what is being called “The Putin Files.” With a slight grin, Mr. Brennan said: “The U.S. government would never intervene in Russian politics, just as President Putin would never intervene in an American election. That would be wrong.” As Mr. Brennan left the podium, though, he burst out laughing.

Now lots of people only read the first few paragraphs of newspaper articles, and seeing as Thomas L. Friedman writes for the New York Times, naturally his readers would take this as the gospel truth. But then he continues:

No, you didn’t miss this story. I made it up. But isn’t it time there was such a story? Isn’t it time we gave Putin a dose of his own medicine — not for juvenile playground reasons and not to instigate a conflict but precisely to prevent one — to back Putin off from what is increasingly rogue behavior violating basic civilized norms and increasingly vital U.S. interests.

Putin’s rogue behavior and violations of civilized norms? And just what are these vital U.S. interests he is violating? Support for ISIS? Replacing an elected government in Ukraine with a Jewish dictatorship? Those aren’t U.S. interests. Those are kike interests, you rat-faced bastard!

This is the same Thomas Friedman who described his high school years as “one big celebration of Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War.”

Putin “is at war with us, but we are not at war with him — both the U.S. and Germany are desperately trying to cling to a decent relationship,” remarked Josef Joffe, editor of Die Zeit, a weekly German newspaper and a leading strategic thinker in Europe. No one should want to start a shooting war between great powers “in the shadow of nuclear weapons,” Joffe told me.

But we also cannot just keep turning the other cheek. Putin’s behavior in Syria and Ukraine has entered the realm of war crimes, and his cyberattacks on the American political system threaten to undermine the legitimacy of our next election.

Who else but a Jew could quote someone saying nobody wants nuclear war, and then start the next sentence with “but?”

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This guy was one of the leading cheerleaders for the Iraq War. A few years earlier he proposed bombing Serbia back to the 14th Century. Now, in an effort to push for war with Russia, he is peddling more of the same kind of lies that got us into earlier wars.

Just read the papers. Last week a Dutch-led investigation adduced irrefutable video evidence that Putin’s government not only trucked in the missile system used to shoot down a Malaysia Airlines plane flying over Ukraine in 2014, killing all 298 civilians onboard, but also returned it to Russia the same night and then engaged in an elaborate cover-up.

On Sept. 19, what U.S. intelligence officials say was almost certainly a Russian Su-24 warplane bombed a U.N. convoy in Syria carrying relief supplies for civilians. The Red Cross said at least 20 people were killed. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called the bombing “savage and apparently deliberate.”

For a long time, Putin’s excesses were just a tragedy for the Russian people and for many people in Ukraine and Syria, so President Obama could plausibly argue that the right response was economic sanctions and troop buildups in Eastern Europe. But in the last nine months, something has changed.

I wonder what has changed?

Putin’s relentless efforts to crush both the democratic and Islamist opposition to President Bashar al-Assad in Syria; his rejection of any real power-sharing solution there; and his joining with Assad in mercilessly bombing civilians in Aleppo are not only horrific in and of themselves, but they also keep pushing more refugees into the European Union. This is fostering an anti-immigrant backlash in Europe that is spawning right-wing nationalist parties and fracturing the E.U.

Just look at the paragraph above.

Democratic opposition to Assad? Lie.

Putin’s rejection of power sharing in Syria? Lie, although I wish it were true.

Merciless bombing of civilians in Aleppo? Lie, Putin’s bombing the foreign jihadists that (((America))), via its Turkish, Saudi, Jordanian and Qatari allies sent into the city.

Putin is pushing refugees into Europe? Lie.

Putin is fostering anti-immigrant backlash? Lie, its the immigrants and the kikes trying to flood Europe with them that are creating the backlash.

Meanwhile, Russia’s hacking of America’s Democratic Party — and signs that Russian or other cyberwarriors have tried to break into American state voter registration systems — suggests that Putin or other cyberdisrupters are trying to undermine the legitimacy of our next national election.

Yeah. Our elections are so legitimate, paid for with shekels and brought to us on the Jew Tube. When finally someone with the resources to do an end-run around the Yid gatekeepers emerges, the Jew media talks 24/7 about how Trump was mean to an obese beauty queen and personally killed a Moslem-American soldier by wanting to build a wall with Mexico.

Jew Matzo

Anything to distract from the three fundamental truths: Trump will stop the mudvasion of America, he won’t put up with google crime, and he won’t fight wars for Jews. This is why the Jews are pulling out all the stops to Jew Trump out of the presidency.

I will spare you the rest of the article. It was just more nonsense. But we need to lampshade this kike with memes that make Julia Ioffe’s memes smell like lilacs in May.


While Julia Ioffe merely insulted Empress Melania, Friedman has a 40-year record of some of the worst Jewing ever seen in the Jew York Times. He’s won like 6 million Jewlitzer Prizes.

Here’s his Twitter handle: @tomfriedman.