Jew Support for Terrorists in Burma Demonstrates Their Diabolical and Evil Nature

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2017


I care about my own race and people first. When I see a conflict between whites and nonwhites, I am inclined to side with the whites in every case, all things being equal.

It is fair to say that the Jews have the same inclination: whenever a Jew is involved in a conflict with a non-Jew, they always support the Jew.

This is something straightforward: any reasonable person is going to take his own side.

However, what is interesting is how myself and other White Nationalists respond vs. the way the Jewish media responds to situations which don’t directly involve either of us.

One such situation is that of the Philippines.

When I see that 95+% of the country supports the leader, and the leader is killing drug-dealers on the street, my natural inclination is to side with the leader. The Jewish media, on the other hand, have chosen to side with the drug dealers.

Another such “no whites and no Jews around” situation is now taking place in Burma.

After Islamic terrorists began attacking the police and the people, the Burmese and Daw Suu (<333) decided to slaughter the Moslems.

For me, it was easy to say, “well, obviously the Burmese are in the right there.”

The Jewish media, however, is coming out vocally in support of the side of the terrorists.

Max Bearak just wrote a piece for the Washington Post following the mainstream narrative that the Rohingya are victims, but then trying to be a little bit like “oh well yes but they are attacking the government tho.”

This is because it has gotten insane to the point where everyone is asking “why is the media supporting these terrorists against a peaceful government?”

They’re trying to add some shades of gray here.

The fact of the matter is: whenever there is any type of conflict of any sort, the Jewish media will by default side with the forces of evil, and then paint them out to be victims of oppression.

This is simply the natural inclination of the Jews: whenever anything happens, figure out who is evil and destructive and side with them.

Though I have not put much thought into it, when I think about it, it is very clear that White Nationalists do the opposite.

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