Jew Stabs Black Guy to Death – Will Whites Get Blamed?

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2017

Random stabbings are by and large black on white, but here we have a rare instance where a black guy is sitting there seemingly minding his own business and gets murdered by a light skinned fellow. The gruesome act was caught on video and it may have been motivated by bias.

Journalists and (((civil rights groups))) would in most cases pop champagne and make this the front page story for the next 20 years. The name and image of “DANTE LEKARIUS” would be a permanent fixture at Leftist protests as proof that hate speech is violence.

The story checks all the boxes except for one problem: don’t let the cross tattoo fool you, the aggressor is a Brighton Beach Jew!

NY Daily News:

His last meal was a toasted bagel with jelly.

Dante Lekarius was sitting on a red crate outside a Brooklyn deli, nibbling on the bagel and tea biscuits around 6:15 a.m. Thursday.

A heavily tattooed man, who was wearing blue shorts and a black tank-top with “Obey” on it, walked up to him and casually unfolded a knife.

Within seconds, Lekarius lay mortally wounded on a Brighton Beach street after his attacker whispered something to him and then jammed the blade into his chest. Lekarius dropped his food, stood up and stumbled away, yelling at his assailant, Ernest Dubinsky.

The 31-year-old ran to a nearby green cab, apparently to get help. He collapsed on Neptune Ave. near the taxi and died about an hour later at Coney Island Hospital.

So far all the other outlets reporting this story have refused to accurately name the suspect. He was arrested immediately after the incident yet all the other reports other than this one identified Ernest Dubinsky as “Eric” with no last name.

Now the Judenpresse is in a Kosher Pickle. How will they proceed?

Do they call (((Ernest Dubinsky))) white and blame white bigotry for the attack? Five years ago it would’ve been a no-brainer, but today too many goyim know and they will be called out for lying.

Do they sweep this whole story under the rug and pretend it never happened? They do it with black on white crime all the time. But here, the fact that the attack was filmed and is starting to go viral on social media will make this difficult. Blacks will start accusing Jews of covering for other Jews.

Do they take Dubinsky’s side? He is claiming the black guy tried to rob him. The iron law of race reporting is the white is always wrong in a conflict with a black no matter what. If a white cop shoots a black suspect, the white cop is always wrong. If a black cop shoots a white 40-year-old female Yoga instructor, they shift the cameras back to white racism.

So if the Jewish media runs with Dubinsky’s story, they will be forced into an ideological contradiction.

With so many goyim knowing, running the media has become a huge pain in the tuchus.