Jew Sentenced to Probation, Restitution After Getting Caught Hoaxing a Fake Injury

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2019

Remember: the Holocaust is no more real and no less ridiculous than this Jew’s hoax fall.

All Jews ever do is hoax injury to themselves to try to get money from goyim.

New York Post:

A New Jersey man caught on surveillance video faking a slip and fall was sentenced Monday to probation, community service and ordered to pay restitution, according to a report.

WABC-TV reported Alexander Goldinsky of Randolph received two years of probation and 14 hours of community service.

He also was ordered to pay $563.48 to an insurance company.

Prosecutors said the 58-year-old, an independent contractor who was subcontracted to do work at a Woodbridge company, filed an insurance claim for bogus injuries.

He filed a claim alleging he was injured after he slipped and fell at the business.

He threw ice on the ground and then fake fell on it.

Just like the Jews built “reconstructed” gas chambers and now claim they’re real gas chambers.

Time to get woke on the Holocaust.

It sucks there’s not much left of the denial videos on YouTube.

My personal favorite Holo-denial film is “Last Days of the Big Lie,” which has been completely cleansed from YouTube, so you have to download it from or watch it on Vimeo.

“Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax” is another good one that has been cleansed from YouTube, and is only available on

It appears that “The Great Holocaust Trial” is still on YouTube.

These Jews want us to forget that the Holocaust is a hoax.

We must never forget the Holocaust hoax.

How many years will it be before “Alexander Goldinsky fall denialism” is a crime, and videos of him throwing that ice on the ground before laying down in it are banned from YouTube?

Not long, friend.

Not long.