Jew Senator Chuck Schumer’s Daughter has a Big Fat Lesbian Wedding

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
November 21, 2018

I’m happier about this than Chuck is.

He has two daughters, and thanks to lesbianism, one has been disabled.

If the other one can fall into a similarly sick fetish, his bloodline will go extinct.

New York Post:

The brides wore white — but hazmat suits might have been better.

Alison Schumer, the younger of Sen. Chuck Schumer’s two daughters, married Elizabeth Weiland on Sunday in Brooklyn, with the couple posing for wedding photos on a bridge over the toxic Gowanus Canal.

That’s a pretty gross place to have a lesbian wedding. It fits, I guess.

These two must be into some sicker-than-normal lesbian behavior.

The white-dress-clad lovebirds, each clutching a mixed bouquet — with Alison Schumer wearing shoes as green as the Superfund site below them — held hands and shared a tender glance on the rust-flecked Union Street Bridge, which has become a popular backdrop for photos.

Starting around 10 a.m., the pair posed for several snaps along the tree-lined bridge before heading inside the nearby Green Building event space to exchange vows in a brief, intimate ceremony around noon.

The party, made up of close friends and family, then trekked across the street to a reception at 501 Union St. that lasted well into the early evening.

Sen. Schumer showed up for his daughter’s big day wearing a green yarmulke and flanked by security guards as the NYPD closed down the street for his arrival.

Yes, close down the streets – one of our chosen leaders is handing off his daughter to a butter golem.

She couldn’t do better? It’s not like she’s poor.

New York Post:

What does it take to friend a U.S. senator?

If you’re Facebook, all you need is about $50,000 in donations – and a cushy job for the politician’s daughter.

Facebook employees, including some at the top of its corporate pyramid, have helped fill Schumer’s campaign coffers – and he’s returned the favor by carrying water for the social media giant in Congress, according to a recent report.

And Alison Schumer, the senator’s youngest of two daughters, works as a Facebook product marketing manager – which pays an average of $160,000, according to

“It sure looks hinky,” political strategist Susan Del Percio told The Post. “This is an industry that’s been trying for years to fend off heavy government regulation by actively cultivating relationships with senators and House members.”

Last week, it emerged that Schumer has been a strong advocate of Facebook on Capitol Hill. He pressured Sen. Mark Warner (D- Virginia), one of Facebook’s most aggressive challengers in Congress, to back off from investigating the company, according to The New York Times.

This is some pretty blatant corruption. They aren’t even trying to hide it.

Zuckerberg gets to buy favors from his co-ethnic Schumer in front of everyone, and we’re all supposed to accept the FBI doing nothing about it while they go looking for Russians hacking your brain with Facebook memes.

At least the Schumers are going extinct.