Jew-Run Facebook to Spend $1 Billion Developing Shows and Movies in 2018

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2017

This evil thought policing Jew Mark Zuckerberg might actually run for President of the United States in 2020!

As more people shift their focus from watching television to social media, its cultural significance continues to grow. With this shift, we have seen the Jewish establishment lose a great deal of influence over society. No longer are there a small handful of corporations dictating political and cultural discourse. The Jews are trying to react to this shift primarily by shutting down popular voices of dissent on their social media sites.

They’re also reacting by funding new online propaganda initiatives. One example of this is the evil Jew run company Facebook launching a new video platform.

Tech Crunch:

Facebook could spend as much as $1 billion to fund original content initiatives for its new Watch video platform, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. The amount might seem familiar – it’s the same investment Apple is said to have earmarked for original shows and movies through 2018.

Facebook’s spend could vary depending on the success of programming, but it’s also a figure that extends through next year. This would also be a new high-water mark for Facebook spending on video content specific for its platform, exceeding past initiatives like incentives paid to encourage live streaming from media outlets.

Facebook launched Watch to all U.S. users this week – the new tab in the Facebook app houses original shows from Facebook partners, including content from Freethink Media, MLB, Discovery Channel and more. It’s hoping to drive more engagement on the platform with its original video content initiative, and the shows resemble a lot of the videos that naturally receive a lot of interaction on the platform when shared, covering sports, science and other ‘shareable’ topics.

$1 billion is a large amount of money to fund a bunch of shitty shows and movies. This is obviously not meant to be a profitable venture. Its main purpose is to socially engineer the audience with propaganda masquerading as entertainment. It’s the same model Hollywood has used for years.

This program will fail. These Jews are increasingly failing to create culturally significant content. Their creations are unoriginal, unappealing and lack substance. The most entertaining content today is stuff made by independent content creators because it is original and real. They don’t have to check with an army of upper management types and lawyers before producing something.

I suffer great trauma and suffering each time I click on a link to Facebook. It is an evil website!

But Facebook itself has already doomed itself to failure. It is baffling why anybody would want to use their horrible platform. They already ban and block anybody who says anything remotely interesting. What incentive is there to build a profile on a site that eagerly bans people who say things the site operators don’t like? The end user is ultimately the main engine that makes these sites into what they are. If you piss them off, your whole site falls apart.

Facebook’s Jewish CEO Mark Zuckerberg has openly stated that he wants the site to be the ultimate online safe space managed by an army of thought police and social engineers. With that thought process in mind, does anybody think these shows and movies they’re financing will push anything but Jewish Communism, general degeneracy and political correctness?

Facebook is a joke. It should be deleted off the Internet.

Even if it is not deleted, it would not be a surprise if it went the way of MySpace within the next 10 to 15 years. Much better free speech alternatives will emerge.