Jew Run Facebook Must Embrace Total Feminism After #MeToo Warning From Sheryl Sandberg

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2017

The Jewish Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has simply not done enough to end sexual harassment in the workplace. For instance, why does she continue to allow men to work at Facebook? So long as men are in the workplace, sexual harassment of women will only continue.

Sheryl Sandberg, a Jewish female worth over a billion dollars, is rightly upset that this ongoing #MeToo campaign against sexual harassment could backfire and be detrimental to women.

She even told some sad tales about how she herself was victimized by sexual harassment. A married man offered her “career advice” and a man put their hand on her leg at a meeting! Can you imagine how terrible these experiences were for her? This type of thing should not happen in the modern workplace!

Fast Company:

This is why we can’t have nice things. In the wake of the #MeToo campaign, Sheryl Sandberg is worried that there might be a backlash–against women.

The Facebook COO posted a lengthy message on Facebook (natch), where she waded into the tidal wave of sexual harassment and assault accusations that have captured headlines lately. In her post, Sandberg wrote about her own experiences with harassment, including “a hand on my leg under the table at a meeting,” married men offering “career advice” “alone late at night” and, most alarming, a man at a conference who came to her hotel room late at night and banged on her door until she called security. So Sandberg, too, is ready for a change:

“Sexual harassment has been tolerated for far too long in the halls of government and companies large and small. For the first time in my professional life, it feels like people are finally prepared to hold perpetrators responsible. I’m cheering.”

That said, she is also worried about workplace repercussions that could limit the opportunities women have in their careers. “I have already heard the rumblings of a backlash: ‘This is why you shouldn’t hire women,’” she wrote. “Actually, this is why you should.”

“We need systemic, lasting changes that deter bad behavior and protect everyone,” she wrote, noting that in her book, Lean In, a majority of senior male managers told her they were afraid to be alone with a female colleague, over fear of sexual harassment accusations. “Doing right by women in the workplace does not just mean treating them with respect. It also means not isolating or ignoring them,” Sandberg wrote, encouraging men not to “just hire women,” but to “mentor, advise, and promote them,” too.

That’s right Sheryl, so long as men are in the workplace, they are only going to oppress and sexually harass women. Even though you aren’t saying this outright, we know that this is how you really feel. That’s just the way it is and that’s the way it will always be. Therefore you should lead by example and actually do something about this problem at Facebook.

As Chief Operating Officer of the company you are in a unique position to make an impact. You need to tell Mark Zuckerberg that Facebook must fully embrace feminism or it won’t survive into the future. This means Facebook needs to immediately fire all of their male employees and only hire talented female software engineers and programmers. There should be specific attention paid to hiring female software engineers of color. After all, we wouldn’t want Facebook to be criticized for racism.

But seriously, female software engineers of color are definitely the most talented. There are many of them here in Lagos. I can give you some references. In fact, I would say that women of color should represent 50 percent of Facebook’s new hires at minimum.

Look at all these men in this photo. Just think of how efficient Facebook’s workforce could actually be if they got rid of all these men who do nothing but sexually harass productive female workers.

Once Facebook leads by example and has a 100 percent female workforce, other companies will surely follow and do the same thing. Undoubtedly Facebook as a company will see increased performance because you will no longer have men sexually harassing women. These women instead of gossiping and causing unneeded drama will finally be able to focus in on real work!

What is this???? This is not OK! Inappropriate touching!!! Hello??? Facebook’s board of directors needs to investigate this obvious case of sexual harassment by their CEO Mark Zuckerberg! Look how uncomfortable and awkward Sheryl looks here! She obviously did not want to be touching Mr. lizard man!

It will be great to see a world in which all these big Jew run companies have a workforce that is 100 percent female. Technology and media companies should definitely take the lead on this. It seems as if these industries are the ones that have the most problems with sexual harassment. I believe this to be true especially after hearing the sad tales from Sheryl and seeing that awkward photo she was forced to take with the Zuck. The tech industry must have some really serious problems if even a strong empowered Jewish woman like Sheryl can be victimized.

Only once Jew run companies like Facebook fully embrace feminism and maintain an all female workforce can we ever hope to end sexual harassment in the workplace. Jews have been at the center of promoting feminism so surely they would not be afraid of going all in with a 100 percent female workforce. So what do you say Sheryl? The ball is in your court! It is time for you to lean in!