Jew-Run CNN Asks: Has Anti-Semitism Returned with a Vengeance?

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 3, 2018

Last week the Jewish propaganda operation of CNN aired a segment which asked if anti-Semitism has returned to America. It is part of a new CNN series comically called “The State of Hate.” The segment and the associated article¬†make a couple of references to the Daily Stormer.

The best part about the segment was listening to Pittsburgh synagogue shooting survivor Barry Werber describe how Nazi scientists surgically cut out the muscles from his brother’s arms during the Holocaust. Talk about a sad tale. Even though Werber offered no proof that this ever happened, we can only assume that Josef Mengele personally performed the surgery as Nazis drowned Jewish babies in water buckets.

But outside of Mr. Werber’s very enlightening story, it appears as if the Jews are starting to come to terms with the fact that there is a very large and growing segment of people who dislike them. Instead of dismissing anti-Semites, they’re trying to determine how many anti-Semites they’re dealing with. That appears to be the basic premise behind this CNN segment. The issue for them is that they really have no way of determining how many people hate them.

In Europe, they’ve lobbied to have all sorts of “hate speech” laws passed that makes it illegal for people to say negative things about Jews.

In America, they have Jewish racial activist groups pressuring employers to fire people who criticize the actions of their race.

They’ve also banned innumerable people off of the big social media sites for criticizing Jews.

What this means is that most people who are aware of the Jewish problem won’t or are unable to publicly talk about their real views. So the Jews have effectively Jewed themselves in making it impossible to gauge the number of anti-Semites they’re dealing with.

CNN also commissioned a poll to try and find the levels of anti-Semitism in Europe. The poll found that 28 percent believed that Jews had too much influence in business, 20 percent believed that Jews had too much influence in media and 1/3 knew little to nothing about the alleged Holocaust. But when you consider the environment Jews have created, these numbers are artificially skewed. The numbers of people who think that Jews have too much influence in business and media are undoubtedly far higher than what they polled.

This clip from i24 News features a Jewess from the Israeli military discussing the findings of the poll. She comically demands that Europe fund brainwashing programs to address the poll’s findings.

Of course, Jews view anti-Semitism as a big problem for them, otherwise CNN would not be commissioning polls and airing segments on the topic. The most logical thing a normal person does when faced with a problem is to try and determine the cause of the problem. Remarkably, the Jews appear to be biologically incapable of doing this.

In the CNN segment, Sara Sidner asks, “why has anti-Semitism returned with such a vengeance?”

They follow up her question with the Jewish head of the Anti-Defamation League Jonathan Greenblatt rambling about a polarized political environment. This does not even attempt to answer the question raised. This polarized political environment Greenblatt speaks of did not just manifest itself in a vacuum. It’s been largely caused by policies that have been pushed by Jews, a fact of which Greenblatt does not dare mention.

It’s an obvious fact that anti-Semitism is a direct result of Jewish behavior. People dislike Jews because of the things they do. If the Jews wanted fewer people to be angry at them, all they would have to do is stop engaging in the behavior that is causing people to dislike them.

For instance, they could stop funding destructive agendas that have resulted in our countries being flooded with third world populations. They could stop running all of these global banking swindles. They could stop pushing homosexuality and transgender nonsense throughout media and pop culture. Or how about ending this ridiculous policy of banning people from social media for having politically incorrect views? These are just a small handful of things they could do to stop people from hating them.

Let’s conclude by answering CNN’s question. Anti-Semitism is absolutely rising and this is a direct result of the negative impact Jews have had on our countries. If Jews continue to dismiss our very reasonable criticisms of their racial behavior, anti-Semitism is only going to continue to rise. In fact, it will rise considerably. And since Jews have no intention of giving our criticisms a fair hearing, and will continue to suppress and punish anyone questioning them, it is going to happen silently, without Jews being able to gauge it at all.