Jew Questions Democracy Now! Jews Endorsement of Neocon Regime Change in Syria

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 26, 2018

Peace, goyim. But stay the fuck out of Israel’s way or we’ll slaughter you like dogs.

Max Blumenthal is a vile kike – but not as vile as the Democracy Now! kikes.

Liberals did the whole anti-war bit during the Bush years, for marketing reasons. Bush’s kike wars were extremely unpopular. But Obama just did the same shit as Bush, and because he was pushing dick-chopping and cop-killing, no one really paid that much attention.

The allegedly liberal Jews took on a neocon war policy.

Now you have a Republican in office who is at least intending to be anti the policies of Bush and Obama with regards to endless kike war, so the liberal kikes are now pushing kike wars in opposition to Trump.

So you have a complete reversal, in terms of partisan politics. The only way you could explain that is Jews.

The Jew Max Blumenthal isn’t going to tell you that, but he is probably going to get fired by the Daily Beast for pushing an old narrative in the Trump age.


Journalist Max Blumenthal called out Democracy Now for pushing for regime change in Syria. The move sparked a war of words between guest Wendy Pearlman and others on Twitter.

Tweeting footage from a Democracy Now discussion about Syria, Blumenthal questioned the news outlet’s apparent backing of “the neocon project of regime change in Syria.” He also pointed to guest Pearlman’s earlier calls for the US to provide air cover to extremist groups in Syria, highlighting just how poorly that strategy worked in Libya.

Ohhhhh shit boy.

That Palestinian comment is inches away from naming a Jew.

Blumenthal has done this “anti-Zionism” bit forever, but he’s never done it against a fellow leftist Jew like Goodman.

In his critique of Democracy Now’s coverage, Blumenthal also invoked Pearlman’s 2014 call for the US to further arm the Free Syrian Army. Her article dismissed 12 common arguments against US intervention, including fears arms would end up in the hands of other extremists or that Syria would end up like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Indeed, it has since been revealed that those US weapons given to Syrian rebels did end up in Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) hands. The same thing happened when the US approved arming rebels in Libya in 2011 – the arms fell into extremist hands, and Libya remains a failed state.

The Twitter argument then switched to Palestine. A professor at Northwestern University and advocate of Palestinian non-violence, Pearlman has written two books on the Palestinian struggle for statehood. “Of course, she would never even think about calling for the US military to protect Palestinians or give them arms,” Blumenthal added to his criticism.

Perlman responded to Blumenthal by saying the Palestinians fighting against Israel were the same as ISIS fighting Assad.

Blumenthal was then mobbed by Jews claiming he was a Russian agent.

All of this shit with Jews is such a fucking mess.

They are having problems. They are having serious problems figuring out what their own narrative even is, and they are having problems with Jews themselves drinking the “human rights” poison they brewed up to feed to the goyim.

Their whole “control every side of everything” thing is also getting confusing for them, because society is so divided that they need to control so many different sides, while still all trying to figure out how to use the side they are controlling to support the interests of the Jews.

Remember that it wasn’t so long ago that the concept of an “atheist Jew” did not exist – they were all just living in ghettoes, wearing that gross shit, renting slums, loaning money, hawking hookers – and that was their entire existence since the diaspora began.

We don’t deserve to have to deal with the Jews collapsing their own cultural zeitgeist. Without the Jews, we would have a very stable cultural zeitgeist, based on our own values, which have been the same throughout all of recorded history before Jews showed up and starting kiking everything up.