Jew Puppet Master George Soros Threatens UK with Economic Hardship upon Withdrawal from EU

Daily Stormer
March 13, 2014

George Soros: “Leaving the EU will result in severe punishment”

An ever increasing number of native Europeans are becoming disillusioned with the EU, and are realizing that this globalist monstrosity will destroy their nations through “free trade”, the loss of sovereignty, and unlimited non-white immigration.

In response to the growing populist demands for a referendum on the UK’s EU membership, George Soros, the billionaire currency manipulator and living Jew caricature, has threatened the British people with economic hardship if they seek to regain their independence.

From the Guardian:

Billionaire speculator George Soros on Wednesday waded into the political row about Britain’s membership of the EU with a warning that a decision to quit would lead to an exodus of foreign-owned companies.

Soros said the argument for Britain remaining part of the EU could be summed up in one word – jobs – as he outlined his concerns that Europe could be pulled apart by decades of slow growth and Japanese-style deflation.

The man who helped to force the pound out of the exchange rate mechanism on Black Wednesday in 1992 stressed that Britain had the best of all worlds by being part of the EU but not the euro.

Asked about the potential consequences of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, Soros said: “I will leave it to the British business community, particularly the multinationals that set up factories here as an entry point into the common market, to explain to the public what they stand to lose. But in one word – jobs.”

The mendacity of the Jew is astounding. In reality, globalization has been the number one job killer in the Western world. The free flow of foreign goods and foreign laborers has destroyed the native working class in every White country. Only by dismantling the Jewish globalist system can economic prosperity ever return to our nations

However, this does not mean that Soros’ threats are empty. While his claims that increased globalization leads to more jobs are obviously false, Soros and his fellow Jews certainly do have the power to destroy the economy of Britain through the manipulation of currency and interest rates. Such economic warfare must be expected by any nation that fights against the Jewish New World Order.

The British once ruled a mighty empire. Now they must beg for scraps at the table of the Jewish financial elite.
The British once ruled a mighty empire. Now they must beg for scraps at the table of the Jewish financial elite.

The financial power wielded by the tiny Jewish elite shows how faulty and unhealthy the current economic system truly is. A few words spoken by Soros or by the Jew-run Federal Reserve can bring instant poverty for millions of hardworking men and women. While revolting against this system will certainly have its hardships, the longer we wait, the tighter their stranglehold becomes.