Jew PayPal CEO and Jew SPLC Working Together to Censor Conservatives

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2019

So the Jewish CEO of PayPal just openly announced that he’s working with the Jewish SPLC to shut down wrong-think.


PayPal CEO Dan Schulman admitted during an interview with the Wall Street Journal that PayPal works with the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) when it considers blacklisting conservatives.

After being asked by the Wall Street Journal what “values” PayPal identifies with,” Schulman replied, “Probably the most important value to us is diversity and inclusion.”

“Businesses need to be a force for good in those values and issues that they believe in. It shouldn’t come from backlash or people taking heat on it, because then it’s in response, as opposed to the definition of who you are and then how you react to the context that you find yourself in,” the PayPal CEO expressed, adding that the Charlottesville rally in 2017 was a “defining moment” for PayPal to start blacklisting conservatives.

Schulman claimed it “was a defining moment for us as a company,” that was “difficult,” because, “the line between free speech and hate, nobody teaches it to you in college. Nobody’s defined it in the law.”

During the interview, Schulman also admitted that the far-left SPLC helps to inform “PayPal’s decisions.”

The SPLC is a Jewish group that is literally counting down the extinction of white people in America and Europe.

Top SPLC figure Mark Potok has a chart on his wall.

I’m supposed to be a hater – well, let me tell you, I don’t have notes counting down the extermination of any races on my wall.

These people are not only talking about carrying out a genocide – they are almost halfway through doing it. And then they claim “white genocide is a conspiracy theory. I agree it’s a conspiracy – but if it’s a “theory,” then what the fuck is that chart on Mark Potok’s wall???

And we’re the haters who need silenced!

The conservatives who complain about this won’t ever notice that all these people are fucking JEWS.

But what’s even a worse sin than that: they won’t even acknowledge that all of these monopoly services engaging in an organized conspiracy to silence dissent is even wrong at all.

They will claim it is “the free market.”

Well, if a free market is taking away your right to free speech, maybe freedom of speech should come before freedom of markets?

PayPal was the first service ever to kike me, way back in 2013.

It’s a shame Peter Thiel doesn’t still run it.

Even Elon Musk probably wouldn’t care if you hate Jews.

Elon Musk himself hates the Jews in fact.