Jew Panics Over Anti-Semitic Evangelion Trump Meme

Andrew Anglin (with Zeiger)
Daily Stormer
June 20, 2016

asuka trump

Jews, along with the rest of the liberal establishment, are completely overwhelmed by the meming prowess of Alt-Right Nazi trolls. They feel like they’re being attacked (rightly), but they have thus far been utterly unable to grasp the profundity of our memes.

One brave Jew, a chap by the name of Jay Michaelson, has attempted to analyze the latest anti-Semitic anime Trump meme.

He has fallen down the rabbit hole.

Jewish Daily Forward:

One meme, however, grabbed my attention. Posted several times, it featured a female, catlike anime character wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, her hands/paws in attack mode. Despite a fair amount of googling and searching databases of memes, I couldn’t find anyone decoding this particular image.

So I did it myself.


The meme detective is on the case.

lol at this Jew feeling the urge to “decode” this image, and spending presumably hours trying to piece this puzzle back together. His “insights” are too good not to share here.

It turns out, the image is of Asuka, a character in the controversial, critically heralded anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, created by Hideaki Anno in 1995. Evangelion created a mythology that makes Lost look like Candy-Land, blending together gnostic, Kabbalistic, Christian, and conspiracy theory themes and incorporating many of Anno’s own struggles with mental illness.

One of those themes concerns a shadowy organization called SEELE, which is essentially a mythologized blend of the world Zionist conspiracy (a la Protocols of the Elders of Zion), Illuminati, and United Nations. According to the Evangelion wiki , SEELE is “a secret and mysterious organization with influence over the world’s governments and organizations.” Its name comes from the German word for soul.

The United Nations is a participant in this secret organization, which has among its goal the uniting of all humanity and the erasure of national boundaries. Their ultimate motives are sinister, however, culminating in SEELE’s own control of the world (to greatly oversimplify). SEELE also has some specifically Jewish elements, in particular its knowledge of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which in Evangelion are prophetic, gnostic texts.


The Kabbalistic symbol of SEELE

Asuka (full name: Asuka Langley Soryu) is a fighter pilot who becomes the great enemy of SEELE. A fourteen year old girl, she is the love interest of Evangelion’s tormented hero, Shinji. But she is also a warrior in her own right, destroying SEELE’s weapons, giant humanoid robots called Evangelions. (Fittingly for the dark series, these efforts are ultimately unsuccessful and catastrophe rains upon Earth.)

In other words, and again oversimplifying somewhat, Asuka is the warrior against the secret Illuminati/Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. And in the meme posted on my Twitter thread, she is Trump, wearing his signature hat.

This marks a new era in the Jewish war against memes: they have discovered the meaning of one of them.

Trump hats and anime chicks: a match made in heaven.

The question here is: will discovering the deep and esoteric meaning of the meme give them power over it?

The answer, obviously, is no.

In fact, the Jew writing up the nature of this meme simply gives it more power. In fact, this process has furthered the dark supernatural power of all anti-Jew memes.

asuka nazi

Heil Asuka, crusher of kikes!

We have lured them into our battlefield, where we force them to fight on our terms.

Will they attempt to reverse-meme our Evangelion memes in the way they’ve attempted to reverse-meme our echoes?

Perhaps Jewish journalists will start portraying themselves as a secretive, evil group who keeps ancient angelic entities crucified in secret underground bases so they can use their blood to power satanic robots?


Dare you meet us in meme warfare, Jews?

Could the Jews benefit from meming themselves as an evil organization of global control and manipulation?

Probably not.

You see, the trouble with memes is that memes are truth. And the Jews survive only on lies.

jay michaelson

Are you ready for this, Jay Michaelson?

Tweet more memes at this Jew Michaelson, and dare him to join us in battle.