Jew Noah Smith champions the “White Genocide Acceptance” Movement

Diversity Macht Frei
July 28, 2018

Close observers of Jewry have noted how the tribe likes to cover all angles and have fallback positions ready for when one of their strategies fails. So, for example, we saw Jews take the lead in promoting Islamic immigration into Europe; but when that started to provoke opposition, the Jews had the Counterjewhad movement already prepped, ready to scoop up the newly emerging dissidents and focus their energies in philosemitic directions. Now we see signs of another possible shift underway.

Jews are tentatively exploring a strategy switch: from “White Genocide Denial” to “White Genocide Acceptance”. Having long dismissed fears of demographic eclipse among white people as a nutty conspiracy theory, Jews are now trying out a new line: “Yes, Goyim. White Genocide is coming, but it’s good for you. You should welcome it.”

The brave Jew pioneering this movement is Noah Smith, Bloomberg comment writer and, as he boasts himself, “neoliberal shill”.

Smith is apparently a bigshot Jew, although I had never heard of him until a few days ago. It seems he had heard of me, however, since he had me blocked on Twitter.

Why would a famous Jew I had never heard of block me on Twitter? This hurts my feelings. Maybe he thought blocking me on Twitter would spare him from my harsh, laser-like gaze, should it ever swing in his direction. If so, he was wrong. It only drew it towards him.

A large part of Smith’s strategy in promoting White Genocide Acceptance consists of an appeal to American nationalism. “My fellow Americans, we’re far superior to those backwards Europeans.”

You are the best kind of Goyim, Americans! The kind that embrace their own genocide! Well done! The Happy Merchant rubs his hands and pats you with approval!

Like his fellow Jew Eric Kaufmann, Noah Smith uses A/B testing to find out which line works best for conning the goyim into accepting their own extinction.

You might think the “White Genocide Acceptance” line is so insane that no one could actually fall for it. You’d be wrong. Step forward, Gina Canter.

You may have noticed above that Noah uses a picture of the Irish poet W. B. Yeats as his image on Twitter. Why does he do that?

This is what Noah really looks like, apparently. You can understand why he would not want to use an actual photo of himself. But why Yeats? Whatever else he was, Yeats was a nationalist. His entire oeuvre was an affirmation of Irish peoplehood; a celebration of the history, the culture, the uniqueness of a distinct people; exactly the opposite of the kind of soulless Semitic Economism that Noah Smith espouses.

And what did Yeats think of the Chosen? In his mystical essay Per Amica Silentia Lunae, Yeats penetratingly described Jews as “rapacious, lustful, narrow and persecuting”.

Each Daemon is drawn to whatever man or, if its nature is more general, to whatever nation it most differs from, and it shapes into its own image the antithetical dream of man or nation. The Jews had already shown by the precious metals, by the ostentatious wealth of Solomon’s temple, the passion that has made them the money-lenders of the modern world. If they had not been rapacious, lustful, narrow and persecuting beyond the people of their time, the incarnation had been impossible

Politically, Yeats was of the authoritarian right. He had sympathetic talks with leaders of the Irish fascist Blueshirts movement, even writing some marching songs for them. In 1934. he accepted a medal from the National Socialist government of Frankfurt. Later, he declared his approval of the Nuremberg laws that discriminated against Jews.

Like many on the Right, Yeats brooded on a civilisation of “Beautiful Lofty Things” being brought low by the “base-born products of base beds”.

He imagined that “the multiplication of the uneducatable masses” might result in “a prolonged civil war” and hoped that some kind of triumphant aristocracy would prevail in it: “the victory of the skilful, riding their machines as did the feudal knights their armoured horses.”

Yeats’ fear was that this struggle would not take place, however; that the great ones, the Titans, the “People of Light” to use more modern terminology, would instead silently accept their own degeneration.

“the danger is that there will be no war, that the skilled will attempt nothing, that the European civilisation, like those older civilisations that saw the triumph of their gangrel stocks, will accept decay. ”

Decay through the influx of “gangrel stocks” is exactly what Jew Noah Smith is proposing. If he was alive today, Yeats would be opposing it with every fibre of his body. One can only conclude that the Jew knows nothing about W.B Yeats and just likes his picture; either that or he is deliberately taunting the old man’s memory.