(Jew) Nate Silver Requests Your “Abortion Stories” on Jesus’ Birthday

A lot of people complained when Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight posted a tweet requesting “abortion stories” on Christmas Day.

Unfortunately, no one pointed out the obvious.

This person came closest:

The Jews tried to hunt down and kill Jesus Christ immediately after his birth.

The Jew ruler Herod ordered his soldiers to go out and murder every male child in Bethlehem under the age of two.

Jesus of course was not killed, because he was protected by angels.

But that is the reference that FiveThirtyEight is making.

They are throwing it right in your face.

The company is run by the Jew Nate Silver:

And it is owned by Disney, run by the Jew Bob Iger:

No one on Twitter pointed this out.

But to be fair, if they did point it out, they would just be banned.

It is against the rules to point out the fact that the Jews murdered Jesus, and are still bragging about it to this day.

If Christian Americans understood what these Jews are, understood the hatred they have for us, understood all of the ways that this hatred manifests – we would not have any of these problems we have.