Jew: “Moslems Raping White Girls Because They Feel Excluded From British Society”

Diversity Macht Frei
November 2, 2018

Here we have a Jew, an Asian and a half-baked negro debating whether it is right to tell the white folks they are being mass gang-raped by Asians or whether this fact should be concealed from them.

The Jew interviewer Robert Peston tells the Paki Home Secretary it’s best to keep it quiet. Muslims are gang-raping white girls because they feel “excluded from British society”, he suggests. Whitey is to blame for excluding them, obviously.

(Spear) Chuka Umunna is not having it either. “You can’t be racialising no crime, muddafukka!” he almost blurts out, then switches it to posh talk to make it look real.

The paramount goal of the Paki, the Jew and the Half-Negro seems to be combating the “far-right” – those crazy white folks who think we’d be better off without any of them. This discussion on tactics is just a means to that end.