Jew Moneylender Took the Children of Amish Family as Sex Slaves for Repayment of Debts

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 19, 2016


Lee Kaplan, American-Jewish sex slave owner.

In an incredible story which cuts directly to the heart of the Jewish problem, putting the Jewish racial soul on full display, a Jewish moneylender took the children of his Amish (that’s German) victims as payment on debt.

The Independent:

The biological parents of a 14-year-old girl that they “gifted” to an alleged sex offender have been charged, according to police.

The Pennsylvania parents, 43-year-old Daniel Stoltzfus and 42-year-old Savilla Stoltzfus, handed over their 14-year-old Amish daughter to Lee Kaplan, a much older man who had helped them out financially.

The girl, now 18, became pregnant by Mr Kaplan almost immediately, and again when she was 17.

Mr Kaplan, 51, was arrested after authorities discovered he had been keeping another 11 girls aged between six months and 18 years, two of which he had fathered with the 18-year-old, at his house in Feasterville, Pennsylvania.

All the girls are thought to be Amish but the court records do not explain where they came from, as reported by the BBC.

According to, Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler said Mr and Mrs Stoltzfus are parents to all of the children, minus the two youngest who are their grandchildren.

He said authorities are still investigating whether Mr Kaplan abused the other girls. They did not show outward signs of trauma, he said.

The Stoltzfuses “think he’s a wonderful man,” Mr Heckler said, adding that the girls also said positive things about him and that they have been “brainwashed”.

The children were discovered on Thursday after a complaint was filed by the Children Youth Services. It came following a concerned call by neighbour Jen Betz, a mother of two who had noticed the girls in Mr Kaplan’s house did not play outside in the summer and the house had high weeds and boarded-up windows.

Mr Kaplan has been charged with 10 counts of various sexual offenses, including statutory rape.

Mr Stoltzfus has been charged with conspiracy to commit statutory sexual assault, and he and his wife have been charged with endangering the welfare of children.

All three are being held on $1 million bail.

According to court documents, Mr Kaplan helped to save the couple’s farm from being repossessed more than four years ago.

Interestingly, the Amish community warned the family about doing business with Jews.


The Stoltzfuses were born into the Amish religion, but renounced it amid a years-long fight with community elders, according to a federal lawsuit they filed in 2009 against their former church.

In the 2009 complaint, the Stoltzfuses said they had 11 children and had owned their property on Pumping Station Road in Kirkwood, Lancaster County, since 1997. They operated a metalworking business on the property. The Stoltzfuses suggested that sect leaders, among other things, frowned on them for doing business “with an individual of the Jewish faith named Lee Kaplan,” the complaint says.

Kaplan is a version (often the Polish version) of Cohen, which denotes the Jewish priest class.


The parents of the girls, Daniel and Savilla Stoltzfus


This wasn’t some isolated compound. The home was right in the middle of a neighborhood.

The most shocking aspect of this story is not that the Jew was engaged in this behavior, but that it went on for so many years. Neighbors are all reporting that they knew something weird was going on, with several of them saying they called the police on multiple occasions, and nothing was ever done. This appears to indicate that the Jew was well-connected, receiving Rotherham-style support from the police.

Symbolic of the Whole Jewish-White Relationship

In this one disgusting situation, we can see the entire pattern of Jewish behavior in relation to the White race. The entire history of this relationship has been one of parasite and host, of having our blood drained from our bodies to feed this evil creature that lives in our midst and claims to be our greatest ally.

This is a huge story. It cannot be suppressed, no matter how much the Jewish media wishes to do so. We need to do whatever we can to get the fact that Lee Kaplan is a Jew acting on the impulses of his blood in doing what he did.

Spam it on Twitter, in comments sections of articles about the story and everywhere else. Let us also work on strategies to further inject our narrative into the present media narrative of this event.

Please post any ideas you have about spreading awareness of this man’s Jewish nature in the comments section, along with any further information about the situation and Lee Kaplan’s past/ties to the Jewish community/etc.