Jew Media Utterly Consumed with Covering TV Meme Tweets and a Nazi Using a Public Library

Daily Stormer
July 17, 2017

This is the front page of the Houston Chronicle right now.

Though The Daily Stormer has enough readers to now be ranked among the top 50 newspapers in the United States, it has not overtaken the Houston Chronicle. Yet. However, they certainly seem eager to help us out on that front. I can’t imagine something less relevant in the current day than covering Tweets about a TV series. Seriously, that article is just a series of screenshots of Twitter. They didn’t even embed the Tweets. Everybody knows that a social media post performs better as an embed than as a screenshot. This is basic stuff. The simplest of A/B testing would verify that. I bet nobody managing their site even knows what an A/B test is. I am amazed to know that they are not the only publication of their size that does not employ any form of multivariate testing or choice modeling. Publications older than a century somehow do not know the basics of operating in this industry.

Who buys newspapers? Boomers. You know what is going to happen to boomers soon? They are all going to die. Each and every last one of them. Newspapers are terrified of this. Their business model has an expiration date of the last boomer, so they are desperate to get millennials involved. Somewhere in the Chron’s management they are looking at a rapidly declining circulation and screaming “listen, get those fucking twitters that the kids are always posting maymays in and post some fucking pictures of those for fuck’s sake.”

So right now on their website they deem the most important use of the front and center page real estate is an extremely ugly gallery of low-resolution tweets that have several layers of compression artifacts. The text is blurry. The gallery encapsulating them is ugly. The whole thing is nonsensical. This is the third largest paper by Sunday circulation in the United States. They only have the lights on because they’ve been around since 1901, but that is not sustainable forever.

Meanwhile, in Canada, did you guys hear that a Nazi was using a public library? This was apparently national news. I don’t really pay attention to anything that happens in Canada, but there’s apparently a whole article recapping the leafy media tailspin with a headline reading “It Feels Like White Supremacists Are Winning”.


When neo-Nazis are congregating at the public library without issue, something’s amiss.


It’s no exaggeration to say the library is considered one of the most wholesome fixtures of any community. It’s a childcare option for parents. It’s a hub for low income folks, the homeless, and often for people of colour. It’s public.

Naturally, people were upset that a group of white supremacists were granted space at a public venue. In an email to the library, Auschwitz survivor Nathan Leipciger, whose entire family was killed by the Nazis, wrote “it is unimaginable that the Toronto Public Library should provide a platform for hatred and bigotry in our wonderful multicultural city.” Mayor John Tory and city councillors also called for the event to be cancelled.

Ah yes, his family was not lucky enough to be one of the Jews that survived dozens of gassings at the gas chambers that are proven not to have even existed at Bergen-Belsen. They were forced to ride the rollercoaster ride that ended in ovens which operated with enough ambient heat to instantaneously vaporize any Jew that landed in them.

Actual testimony from a so-called Holocaust survivor.

These organizations are all collapsing. Nobody wants to read this garbage any longer. They see eyeballs on social media and their response is blurry, artifact laden screenshots of meme tweets. They see the massive, exponential growth of fascist media and their response is to accost a few racists having a quiet memorial for a loved one at a public library, where no racism was even happening.

“To deny access to library spaces on the basis of the views and opinions of individuals or groups… it not only contravenes the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and principles of intellectual freedom but it’s also the cornerstone of the library’s mission and values,” Bowles said, noting the library heard as much when it obtained legal advice.

She stressed that the group abided by an agreement that stipulated it could not use any hate speech while at the library.

They proceeded to turn a quiet, non-notable funeral gathering into a gigantic platform for our cause.

That violation was exacerbated when one of the men, who said his name was Max French, was scrummed by reporters outside the library and streamed live on CP24 for several minutes. During the scrum, VICE News reporter Rachel Browne asked French if he and the others had been discussing Holocaust denial inside.

“There was no Holocaust denial going on in there, and if it was, what of it?” French replied. Asked if he does deny the Holocaust, French said, “Which Holocaust are you talking about?… World War II. Not the Armenian one, not the Ukrainian one. Which one? The one we all know about, right. The one we all better know about if we know what’s good for us.


Does it really make sense for a TV station to let this man express his skepticism of the Holocaust live and unchallenged, effectively normalizing his views? Why not instead have a reporter do a hit afterwards, ensuring much needed context could be provided.

Yeah! Don’t let any racist speak for themselves. Make sure the media can construct a strawman to burn afterwards, with none of that hazardous truth attached to it. Spouting endless diversity doubleplusgoodthink poz has done wonders for your ratings.

This is the way the media ends. Their only compelling content is giving racists a platform, and increasingly people are seeking out the newer, more exciting content available on the platforms of racists themselves.

That feeling in your gut is accurate, VICE. White supremacists are, in fact, winning. We’re winning because we have a monopoly on the truth, and will continue to win as long as that is the case.

I can’t wait for that moment where the NYT has lost most of its building, and has to share it with The Daily Stormer, who will relentlessly bully them in elevators and stairwells. The small-souled krugmen filing into the elevators where Anglin is whispering, “Do you hear that, kikes? Do you hear the sound of wind beneath the soil? That’s the sound of what’s about to happen. You know what we’re going to do. You know you can’t do anything about it.” Ross Douthat will piss himself.

Me, I’ll just grin like a madman with fists full of broken glass and tell them that night falls for them soon.