Ferguson Part II: The Mulatto Protocol

Daily Slave
March 9, 2015

What a tragedy. Tony Robinson would have invented a spaceship capable of traveling at light speed had he lived.

Although I’m sure we’ll know more about the specifics of what happened later, this appears to be another case of a Negro bringing trouble on himself.  A police officer responded to calls reporting that Tony Robinson this 19-year-old Black was causing trouble in the streets and beat someone.  The officer pursues him gets struck in the head and ends up shooting him.

It also looks as if Robinson was previously in trouble for armed robbery.  Despite all of that the Jew run media is trying to create another Michael Brown situation out of this incident to once again incite mobs of Blacks to riot against Whites.  I even heard someone on the radio falsely refer to Robinson as a gentle giant just like they called Michael Brown several months ago.  The Jew media should really be held accountable for their reporting.  This is because they are no longer reporting news.  Instead, they are intentionally trying to incite race riots with their lies and biased propaganda.

But maybe I’m wrong.  Perhaps this was a conspiracy of a “racist” White police officer who plotted to kill this young Black teen for no specific reason other than him not liking his Blackness.


Demonstrators marched on Saturday to protest the police killing of a 19-year-old black man in Madison, Wisconsin, an incident that came amid growing scrutiny of U.S. law enforcement’s use of lethal force against minorities, the poor and mentally ill.

Chanting “the whole damn system is guilty as hell,” protesters walked from police headquarters in the state capital to the neighborhood where the apparently unarmed victim was shot by police on Friday evening, according to social media.

At least 100 people took part in the peaceful protest, according to Officer David Dexheimer, Madison police spokesman.

The shooting occurred after a police officer responded to calls reporting that a man was dodging cars in traffic and had battered another person, Madison Police Chief Mike Koval told reporters.

The officer followed the suspect into an apartment, was struck in the head and shot the teen, who later died at a local hospital, Koval said. An initial search turned up no gun, but it was too soon to know if the victim had a weapon, Koval added.

This is why we need racial separation.  None of these discussions would be happening if Blacks were largely separate from Whites.  Why is this so hard to understand?  Is the magic Jew created word of “racism” really that powerful?

Just because we advocate for racial separation and recognize that there are differences between our races, doesn’t mean we outright hate Black people because of their skin color.  The Jews that say this are lying and spreading outright misinformation.  It is simply natural to want to be among people who are genetically and racially most like yourself.