Jew Media Issues Statements Denouncing Joe Biden for Losing Afghan War

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The final troops have pulled out of Afghanistan, and many Jews are upset that their load has been blown all over the face of global democracy.

The media is blaming Joe Biden personally.

The Washington Post Editorial Board writes:

This is a moral disaster, one attributable not to the actions of military and diplomatic personnel in Kabul — who have been courageous and professional, in the face of deadly dangers — but to mistakes, strategic and tactical, by Mr. Biden and his administration.

The Post says that Joe Biden was supposed to personally fly an entire university to America – and failed.


Those left behind appear to include many local journalists who worked for U.S.-supported media such as the Afghan service of RFE/RL. Painfully emblematic, too, is the experience of the American University of Afghanistan, all but a few of whose roughly 4,000 students, faculty, alumni and employees remain in Kabul. AUAF was the signature U.S.-funded civilian institution in Kabul. The school symbolized not just the U.S.-Afghan relationship, but modernity itself. Therefore, it came under repeated and deadly attack from the Taliban, yet brave and determined women and men continued to teach and study there — until Kabul fell and the Taliban raised its flag over the campus. A last-ditch attempt to bus several hundred members of the university community to the airport ended in frustration Sunday, when it became clear that civilian rescue flights were ending. Now, university officials tell us, these — mostly young — Afghans are back in Kabul, feeling abandoned and afraid.

They are very world that the US won’t get enough people out – because the Taliban wants to keep their citizens in their country, and claims that the US is compelling people to come to America.

Any “assurances” by the Taliban clash with statements their spokesmen made during the crisis that the United States was wrongly inducing Afghans to leave — not to mention the group’s record of murdering perceived enemies.

As opposed to the US military, who murder people they don’t even perceive as enemies.

They literally just murder people at random.

The Post ends their bizarre statement by stressing that Joe Biden must personally get these refugees out.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Sunday that the United States still has “significant leverage” over the Taliban. If so, the Biden administration must use it, relentlessly, until every Afghan with a legitimate claim to refuge has found it.

These people seem very concerned with Joe Biden.

What the WaPo should be doing is going to interview the Taliban and asking them how they managed to accomplish victory in a major war during a pandemic with only the women covering their faces.

Maybe only women can transmit the deadly Delta variant?

If so, adopting Islamic hijab in America could save us.

The only people with the resources to investigate how the Taliban is escaping male masking are the Jews, and I think it is incumbent on them to get this virus-fighting info from the Taliban, who clearly have not been affected by this deadly global pandemic.

The entire media is really mad about this.

Something tells me that it’s not the people that have been left behind that bothers them.

Of course, the Jews want to bring as many nonwhites as possible into the United States, but they’re only talking about a few hundred thousand Afghans – less brown people than comes across the Southern border every month.

Every single Jewish media outlet has said from the beginning that no war should ever end.

However, we should remember that Joe Biden is not personally responsible for anything. He is totally senile, and he is not making any decisions.

The decision to leave Afghanistan was made by the powerful Jews that control American policy. The only reason it possibly could have been done is to free up resources.

The Biden people have announced that some of these freed resources will be funneled directly to Israel.

However, Israel already effectively had a blank check as regards money from American taxpayers.

So, they must be freeing up resources for some other purpose.

Either they’re going to start a war with Russia and/or China, or they’re just planning to launch an invasion of America itself.

Maybe both, maybe both.

Who knows.

What we do know is that they didn’t take this humiliating defeat in Afghanistan for no reason. They’re going to do something to someone.

The American Empire is an ugly shithole, filled with ugly people. It is going to bring as much suffering to the world as it can before it falls.

“The American People”