Jew Media Glorifies Using Children as Political Pawns

Daily Stormer
January 25, 2017

Using children as tools is never okay

We all know how much shitlibs love using children for their self-serving agendas.

It’s funny, they’re the ones who claim they want what’s best for everybody, but I don’t see how bringing a child into an political debate that concerns adults is in the child’s best interest.

Shitlibs may be okay with weak arguments when it comes to debating, but for us intelligent individuals, the idea of listening to a child is ridiculous.

I’m sure some children have good ideas on certain things, and I’m not talking about totally shutting a child down if they themselves have decided to voice some sort of opinion. But these little girls at the women’s marches have no clue what is actually going on.

And their mothers are harming them greatly, because their daughters will start to hate themselves as females due to believing that the world is against them, even though it’s simply not true.

Constantly being told that everybody thinks you’re worthless does have it’s negative effects, and the cycle of girls becoming feminists and lesbians will continue.

Leftists just really have it in for children. They either abort them or corrupt them.

Little girls should not be voting for abortion because I’d hope that they don’t even know what abortion is.

And I’m supposed to believe that they understand the world of relationships and the purpose of sex?

They understand the concept of a woman having casual sex because she has no self worth and needs to fill some empty void in her life? A woman won’t address any of her underlying problems but convinces herself and everyone else that she’s okay and fine because that’s what people who need help do?

If a child can sit down and have a deep and meaningful about this then fine, I’ll be proved wrong.

‘Being gay is okay. Women are paid less than men. Santa is real!’

However I doubt there’s one child who can understand this because all of these issues are highly irrelevant to them.

But leftists forever get off on kids talking about things they don’t understand.

USA Today:

Women, men and children took part in Women’s Marches across the country on Saturday.

And while many adults waved creative signs, they weren’t the only ones showing off a flair for protest. Protesters tweeted photos of kids holding signs ranging from aspirations to be president to calls for tolerance.

Yes, because I’m sure these kids thought their signs up all on their own!

Yea, like I’m going to trust this kid. Look at his conniving face.

Why would you even take young children to a protest?

I’m sure your baby’s ears don’t appreciate the loud noises, and as a mother are you not the least bit concerned over the fact that fights break out and people go ballistic?

And you know who won’t be winning father of the year?

This faggot:

Because children aren’t conditioned to be feminists and homosexuals, right? They aren’t conditioned to believe they’re victims, right? The way of a leftist is all just natural, right?

And remember when all of these leftists were super concerned that their protected young child/ren might hear all of those terrible things Trump said?

Two examples:

(Don’t forget that these imbeciles laugh whenever right-wingers voice that they genuinely don’t know how to explain faggots to their kids.)

Well it would appear that these parents have guaranteed that their daughters and sons know what Trump said and worse.

I’m sure they’ve taken their kids to the protests and been like ‘DO YOU KNOW WHAT A PUSSY GRAB IS?’ and really cemented it into their ‘innocent’ heads.

The speeches being given at these events are vulgar and obscene, no ears that belong to a child should hear them.

This is indoctrination and I just want to know where the laws are to protect children from this sort of thing.