Jew Media Demands War with Iran After Russian Agent Trump Shills Hoax Video

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 18, 2019

The Jew-run news media is demanding a big war against Iran because of a hoax video put out by a government run by Donald J. Trump – a man who they have repeatedly said is a lying Russian agent and a literal orange version of Adolf Hitler.

The narratives being spun by the Jew-run news media are becoming increasingly more incoherent and absurd. For two years, they put out an endless barrage of fabricated stories claiming that Donald Trump is a Russian asset working for Vladimir Putin. Even though Bob Mueller’s report stated conclusively that Trump is not an agent of the Russian government, they have still tried to paint Trump as a lying criminal who is guilty of obstructing justice. Many in the Jew news media believe he is unfit for public office and want him impeached.

With that said, it is interesting to see how these same people who view Trump as an orange buffoon have not been the least bit critical when Trump claimed that Iran was behind a couple of attacks on oil tankers. If this man is as incompetent as they claim he is, it should strike people as odd that they are not questioning any of these claims from his administration. Especially considering that there are many legitimate reasons to question them.

Specifically, the video footage put out by the United States military claiming to show an Iranian boat messing around with one of the oil tankers is some of the goofiest nonsense imaginable.

The footage quality is very poor and proves nothing. Shit looks like it was shot with a camera made in the 1920s. But apparently they want us to believe that our $700 billion a year military can’t afford to buy cameras that shoot video quality on par with what you can find in the average smartphone.

On top of that, the Japanese owner of one of the oil tankers disputed the claim from the United States government that the Iranians attacked his ship with a mine. He instead described how his tanker was attacked with a projectile.

They also want us to believe that the Iranians would willfully attack a Japanese oil tanker at the very same time that they are meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. This despite the fact that such an act would gain them nothing.

Plus, how the hell could the deranged Zionist lunatic Mike Pompeo know that the Iranians were behind these oil tanker attacks only hours after they happened?

These are basic questions that should be asked by people doing legitimate journalism, but nobody in the Jew-run news media is asking them.

Instead, we see Jews like Bret Stephens writing articles in The New York Times about how we should destroy Iran’s navy.

The big television networks have all been running propaganda pieces supporting the credibility of the retarded hoax video put out by the United States government.

Even one of Trump’s main adversaries in Congress, the Jew Adam Schiff, is supporting Trump’s claim that Iran was behind these oil tanker attacks.

So for two years we hear about how Trump is an orange idiot working for Vladimir Putin and now they want us to believe everything he says about Iran attacking a couple of oil tankers. How can any sane person possibly square the two?

These stooges in the Jew-run news media are nothing but bought and paid for propagandists. They are mouthpieces who are paid to promote agendas that are in the best interest of the Jewish race. Conning the American public into doing big wars for Israel is certainly among those agendas and this is why we see them shilling this retard-tier hoax.

We are at a point where you’ll get better news analysis and journalism from comedians on YouTube than you will from any so-called “journalist.”

The good news is that there is nobody on the Internet who believes this hoax. So now we are seeing talk about Iran’s uranium stockpile being pushed as a new justification to do war against them.

The fat fuck Pompeo is also saying that the Pentagon is going to release new photos proving that Iran blew up the oil tankers.

If said photos exist, why not just release them now? Or is Pompeo waiting for some assholes in the CIA to produce the evidence in Adobe Photoshop?

UPDATE: Photos have been released

Everything about this is so stupid. The Jew-run news media is literally shilling for a big war against Iran based on hoax information provided by a government that they’ve said for two years is run by an evil orange man controlled by the Russians. The only time they ever give credibility to Trump is when they think he might attack or wage war against one of Israel’s enemies. Their twisted agenda couldn’t be any more transparent.