Jew Media Attacks Trump for Signing the Troops’ MAGA Hats

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2018

Feeling that their attacks on President Trump for visiting the troops were not cutting it, the Jewish media has zeroed in on a very strange and strangely specific point of contention.

Strange indeed.

CNN‘s Zachary Cohen is outraged and how absolutely dare you:

Traditionally, US presidents have sought to preserve the military’s standing as an apolitical institution by avoiding partisan issues while visiting with service members, wary of putting troops in any situation that could be construed as an endorsement of specific political candidates.

But Trump has not shied away from politicizing the military in the past, as he did during last month’s controversial Thanksgiving phone call with service members stationed around the world, when he steered the conversation toward controversial political topics.

He continued that trend Wednesday during his first visit to a war zone, using his appearance at an air base west of Baghdad to hammer Democrats over issues like border wall funding, defend a recent series of foreign policy decisions that have been widely criticized at home and repeat the falsehood that he had given troops their first pay raise in more than 10 years.

Trump also posed for photographs with at least one service member who was holding a Trump-Pence campaign sign, and he autographed red “Make America Great Again” hats for troops in fatigues, despite military guidelines that prohibit active-duty troops from participating “in partisan political activities” and the expectation that they keep their political views private while in uniform.

They’re totally losing it over these hats.


Imagine my shock that the troops love Trump and wanted their MAGA hats signed.

No one in the military is left-wing. At least not any of the whites.

Joining the military is a very Southern, working class thing to do. So there should be absolutely zero surprise that they are Trump fans.

Basically, the media loves to rattle on about how much they love the troops, because they want the troops to fight all of the enemies of Israel. But when they find out that the troops do not love the Jews, and in fact love Trump and his plan to remove the troops from various Jewish wars, they become offended and outraged.

Trying to stir-up some kind of weird regulatory prosecution over hats – something which I guarantee no one had even thought of, and that the superior officers weren’t even aware of – makes you just look mad and hateful.

I’ll tell you what: I get called a “hater” a lot, but I’m actually a very nice person. These people are just frothing at the mouth with obscene, virulent hatred.