Jew Media Attacks Social Media Site Gab Following Synagogue Shooting

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2018


(Anglin here, eh)

Gab was up again for a while yesterday after finding a new host, that new host has now pulled them.

I have no idea why he would be down for weeks because of a hosting provider.

He still has his domain, along with Cloudflare, which were the two throttles we faced here at Daily Stormer. But maybe weev is the only person who knows how to fix this issue (and is also, by coincidence, the only person ever banned from Gab).

I am very thankful to Torba for letting me use the site when Jews attempted to literally ban me from the internet. I hope he is able to get things worked out there. I will do my best to keep updates here on how this develops.

And of course, he’s welcome to a DS forum account. And I will post any materials he asks me to post.

Original article follows. 

It looks like Gab is going to be forced offline over the synagogue shooting. There could also be many other implications for free political speech on the tubes.

The Jew news media is already going into full overdrive attacking alternative social media site Gab because of this synagogue shooting situation. The alleged shooter was some type of anti-Trump wignat who did a post on Gab just minutes before the attack. The entire Jew media complex is focusing on Gab and will inevitably try to have the site banned from the Internet.

CBS News did a whole segment bashing Gab for being a home to racists, anti-Semites etc. They interviewed some stooge from CNet who falsely claimed that hate speech isn’t free speech. Apparently this nitwit is unfamiliar with the First Amendment and how it protects all political speech. And yes that includes political speech which could potentially result in hurt feelings.

CNN also ran a segment focusing on the shooter’s Gab postings. One of the panelists was calling for extensive data mining on social media sites in order to predict if somebody was at risk of committing a crime. He was essentially talking about doing pre-crime Minority Report type stuff.

And then you have articles like these being published by the Daily Beast.

That’s just a small handful of the anti-Gab hit pieces that are being broadcast and published. There will undoubtedly be more of these as this story unfolds.

It’s worth noting that Gab was almost banned off of Microsoft’s Azure hosting service a few months ago over a couple of anti-Jew posts.

So based on that, it comes as no surprise that the negative press coverage has already born fruits. PayPal announced that Gab had been banned from their payment processing service.

The Verge:

Earlier today, a gunman walked into the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and killed eleven people before being apprehended by police. The suspect has since been identified as 46-year-old Robert Bowers, who appears to have had a history of anti-Semitic speech on the social network Gab. Following these revelations, Paypal banned the site from its payment platform — the latest action taken against the troublesome social network by a major technology company.

And apparently their new hosting provider told them that they are suspending their services.

Stripe has also banned them.

At time of writing, Gab is inaccessible.

Things are definitely not looking good for them.

But even worse is the fact that this situation is bigger than just Gab. There could be some very real free speech ramifications in response to this incident.