Jew Mad? Lawyer Representing Our Guys in Charlottesville Says Whites are God’s Chosen People

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 29, 2018

Well, he’s not really wrong.

I guess.

When a dozen neo-Nazis and white supremacists from the deadly march in Charlottesville were charged with crimes last year, they needed to find a lawyer.

Their search for one took them to Deerfield Township in suburban Cincinnati, where they found James E. Kolenich, a civil rights attorney who said he has only one thing in common with his new clients.

He believes white people must save and preserve their civilization from Jews, immigrants and minorities.

“My willingness to get involved is to oppose Jewish influence in society,” he told The Enquirer. “It’s plain that white people are the chosen people in the New Testament. It’s the job that we were given, to spread Christianity around the world. That doesn’t involve hatred of other races, not even of ethnic Jews. But it does involve opposing their un-Christian influence in society.”

Kolenich is a new name in the pantheon of the “alt-right,” a loose affiliation of racists, white nationalists and anti-Semites. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups and their leaders, did not have him listed.

It’s not like the guy is calling for the industrial gassing of Jews and mass deportations of non-Whites (openly at least), he just thinks that Whites were chosen in the New Testament and we have a right to our civilizations.

The whore in the above video actually said “Not only does he want to support the White supremacists in their legal battle, he believes that they have a right to try to defend their civilization and interests.”

How can anyone hear that and not sit back thinking “wait, trying to protect your civilization and the interests of your country is somehow wrong?”

I’m less interested in him saying that obviously factual statement or the journalists kvetching about it and more interested in the fact that Jews do this all the time every day without issue.

The Jews have been saying the same thing about themselves for thousands of years.

There has never once been a case since WWII when a Jew has been called out on his Jewish supremacy without whoever did the calling being called an anti-Semitic neo-Nazi racist and shut down.

Why are these kikes allowed to get away with claiming they are the master race while actively destroying any competing races with impunity when Whites are attacked for just wanting to be left alone in our own nations?

Makes you think.