Jew-Loving Yarosh, Leader of Pravy Sektor, Calls Putin a Fascist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2014


Dmitry Yarosh: The new face of Jewish rule.
Dmitry Yarosh: The new face of Jewish rule.

Newsweek did an exclusive interview with Pravy Sektor (“Right Sector”) leader Dmitry Yarosh, and asked him about accusations of “fascism.”

He responded by saying that Putin is the real “fascist.”

Q: Do you realize that the majority of Russians including cultural and intellectual leaders support Putin’s actions in Crimea because they see you as a leader of a fascist, radical movement? Are you ready to become the reason for the end of years of Russian-Ukrainian friendship?

A: Unfortunately, Russia is largely brainwashed. Ukrainian nationalists have nothing to do with fascism. The powerful Russian propaganda machine knows what it’s doing. The beliefs of Right Sector are against chauvinism. We base our views on nationalist ideas. The proof is that 40 per cent of our members speak Russian; Jews and other nationals feel comfortable in our forces.

Q: What then makes your movement “Right”?

A: We believe Ukraine deserves to have its own national state. That is what makes our movement “Right.”

Q: Was your book “Nation and Revolution” — where you defined your movement’s enemies as the Russian Federation and the Russian Orthodox Church — a prediction of “the liberating war” of the Ukrainian nation?

A: The book is a collection of my articles that was criticized when it first came out. But now we see that it predicted many events that have now happened. I would advise Russian citizens to start their struggle against Putin’s fascist regime. That would be the best guarantee of friendship between Russian and the Ukrainian people. So long as Putin is in power, Russian imperialism will always be putting improper pressure upon Ukraine.

Q: Why do you refer to the Russian president, who enjoys high popularity ratings, as a “fascist”?

A: Putin built up his power by fascistic methods. He ignored the constitutional rights of Russian citizens. In Russia, police beat up those taking part in mass protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg. That smells of fascist methods to me. They arrest protesters carrying anti-war signs. That is fascism.

It is clear that both sides are using the word as an insult, without trying to define it.

Yarosh also talks about how he’s running for President.  I’d say the likelihood is that he’ll win.  Pravy Sektor is going to be monitoring all the polling stations and disallowing supporters of Russia to vote, obviously.  He will be the perfect figure to force the Ukraine into the EU and austerity while claiming it is for the people.

He closes the interview by saying that he expects Moscow to bomb Kiev, something which I don’t think anyone actually expects.

I am sure that if Russians bombed Kiev — and we believe there is 50/50 chance that will happen — NATO will not come to fight for Ukraine. Europe has betrayed Ukraine many times. We are not counting on them. We can only count on our own forces and our ingenuity.

Pravy Sektor is a branch of the Israeli Mossad.

The shocking thing here is that now, this is the new meme for revolution.  The Jews now understand they can run a fake nationalist revolution, and the people will get behind it.  They saw the immense power of the Golden Dawn, and realized that this aesthetic could be used effectively to push their agenda.

But the Golden Dawn sees through it, and realizes that friends of the Jews are always enemies of the people.