Jew Logan Paul Stirs Up Trouble at Flat Earth Convention

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2018

Flat Earth conventions are serious business and they should be free from Jewish meddling. How can we have an honest debate about the world we live in with all these Jews around?

Over the past several years, there’s been a growing online community of people questioning the idea that the Earth is a sphere. They believe that this concept is a lie and instead believe that the Earth is flat. This community has grown to such a point that they are now holding actual real life conventions.

Recently, the flat Earth community held a convention in Denver, Colorado. It received a great deal of local news coverage in the lead up to the event.

They even purchased a giant billboard to advertise the conference while simultaneously exposing what they believe to be a diabolical heliocentric conspiracy.

Unfortunately, not even flat Earth conventions are immune from Jewish meddling. The horrible Jew YouTube personality Logan Paul showed up and was allowed to deliver a short speech. The conference organizers no doubt thought that Paul’s attendance would help them promote their flat Earth views to a larger audience.

But not everyone was happy with this decision. Paul’s presence resulted in Mark Sargent one of the conference’s top speakers to drop out from speaking. He felt that it was a mistake to let Paul speak believing that he was trolling the convention for self-promotional purposes.

Flat Earth researcher Mark Sargent had some serious grievances with the Jew Logan Paul mucking up the 2018 Flat Earth International Conference.

It is currently unknown if the Jew Paul is trolling them or if he is coming around to believing that the Earth is flat. But whatever his intentions are, people like Sargent are right to be skeptical. This Jew along with his Jew brother Jake Paul have produced some of the most obnoxious and horrible click bait garbage on YouTube. So based on that, it is certainly plausible that he has an ulterior motive and is trolling them.

Paul’s appearance and Sargent’s withdrawal has caused much debate and dissent within the flat Earth community. Some are unhappy that Paul was allowed to speak and others are unhappy with Sargent for withdrawing. Many conference attendees had traveled a great distance to watch Sargent’s flat Earth presentation and were upset at his withdrawal.

The bottom line is that Jews ruin absolutely anything and everything. And amazingly, this list of things they have ruined now includes a flat Earth convention. There’s been all sorts of infighting within the flat Earth community over this situation thanks to this Jew.

It’s totally unacceptable that a flat Earth convention can’t even be held without some type of weird Jewish meddling. What type of screwed up world do we live in any way?