Jew Lawyer Says States Can Force You to Take the Coronavirus Vaccine Against Your Will

It is unlikely that anyone will be force-vaccinated.

It is very likely that people who refuse to be vaccinated will become second-class citizens, being totally deprived of their basic rights to work and buy food in stores.

However, if they want to force-vaccinate you, the Jews are saying they have that option.


As drugmakers race to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus, several legal questions are emerging: could the government require people to get it? Could people who refuse to roll up their sleeves get banned from stores or lose their jobs?

The short answer is yes, according to Dov Fox, a law professor and the director of the Center for Health Law Policy and Bioethics at the University of San Diego.

“States can compel vaccinations in more or less intrusive ways,” he said in an interview. “They can limit access to schools or services or jobs if people don’t get vaccinated. They could force them to pay a fine or even lock them up in jail.”

Fox noted authorities in the United States have never attempted to jail people for refusing to vaccinate, but other countries like France have adopted the aggressive tactic.

The legal precedent dates back to 1905. In a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case, Jacobson v. Massachusetts, the court ruled Massachusetts had the authority to fine people who refused vaccinations for smallpox.

That case formed the legal basis for vaccine requirements at schools, and has been upheld in subsequent decisions.
“Courts have found that when medical necessity requires it, the public health outweighs the individual rights and liberties at stake,” Fox said.

In 2019, New York City passed an ordinance that fined people who refused a measles vaccination.

That said, recent protests over face coverings show there could be significant backlash to a vaccine mandate, Fox said. Just because states have the power to do it, doesn’t mean it’s the best public policy, he added.

Although states would have the authority to mandate vaccinations, there’s more doubt about whether Congress could enact a federal requirement.

The most likely federal vaccination requirement would come in the form of a tax penalty, but Fox said given the current composition of the Supreme Court, a federal vaccine requirement would likely be found unconstitutional.

Opponents of a federal mandate would cite the Supreme Court’s 2012 decision on the Affordable Care Act, Fox said. In that case, the justices ruled that Congress could not use its powers to regulate interstate commerce to require people to buy health insurance, even though the ACA’s individual mandate was ultimately upheld on separate grounds.

That means the U.S. could have a patchwork of different vaccine requirements in different states.

There is zero evidence that it is even possible to make a vaccine for a coronavirus. Who the hell knows what it is they’re going to inject you with.

I’m not taking it. They can kill me. I do not trust these people, at all. They completely hoaxed this entire thing, making out a basically harmless flu virus to be the ultimate doom, and they did that so they could purposefully implode our economy. This is going to kill millions of people through suicide and drug overdoses, it is going to create tens of millions of homeless. It’s already ruined most people’s lives and it is going to ruin everyone else’s.

They did this on purpose.

Now they’re telling you just to trust that they wouldn’t inject you with anything harmful.

If they cared about human life, they would not have done this lockdown. The lockdown is proof that they are willing to do unlimited amounts of destruction, to harm the entire population of a society, for purposes that are not even clear.

You expect the vaccine to be something straightforward, that they’re just doing to protect you from the flu?