Jew Killed with a Rock While Annexing Palestine as They Scurry to Prepare for Coming Antichrist!

Be careful, Jew! You might get your head smashed in with a rock while stealing those people’s land!

New York Times:

A 21-year-old Israeli soldier was killed early Tuesday when he was struck in the head by a heavy rock as his unit was completing a nighttime arrest mission in a Palestinian village near Jenin, in the northern West Bank, the army said.

It was the first combat fatality for the Israeli military this year, and it came as the region was bracing for a possible uptick in violence in response to an Israeli push to annex land in the occupied West Bank that the Palestinians have long counted on for a future state.

Later in the day, a Palestinian man who attempted a stabbing attack at a checkpoint north of Jerusalem was shot and wounded, the Israeli police said.

The overnight killing of the soldier, Staff Sgt. Amit Ben Ygal, of the city of Ramat Gan, occurred during what the army described as a routine operation that resulted in the arrest of four Palestinians in Yaabed, west of Jenin, including some suspected of throwing stones at passing Israeli motorists. The soldier was hit by a rock thrown from a house on the outskirts of the village, the army said.

He was wearing a helmet, but it did not save him.

You might think the annexation of Palestine is unrelated to coronavirus. Of course, it is not.

What coronavirus is set up to do is pave the way for the creation of a one world government that is ruled from Israel. This is of course also why Israel is at the forefront of using extreme spying technology, including microchipping children, to monitor people in association with the coronavirus hoax.

They need to set everything up, so they can begin their rule.

Something has to happen to frame all of this, of course. Probably a war with Iran.

What has to happen is that the Jews have to come through and say “now is the time for peace, we must all come together.” Then they’re going to forget about this whole borders thing, and Arabs will be allowed freely in Israel as long as they have their microchip and have had their background check approved. Then, everything will become Israel.

Jewish map of their “Greater Israel” project, showing the official new territories of the world capital.

There will be a “Third Jew Temple” built on the Temple Mount, but unlike the stupid hoaxes of the Antichrist-worshiping evangelicals, who pretend like this is all about just killing Moslems, the Jews will not tear down the Islamic temple. They will build their own temple next to it.

Evangelicals just make things up to deceive gullible retards and get them involved in Antichrist worship. I go by the actual plans that the Jews themselves release.

Jewish diagram showing their new temple next to the al-Aqsa mosque

They cannot possibly clear out all of the Arabs from the entirety of the territory that they want to control. Nor do they even want to do that. Jews in fact like Arabs.

Basically, this land-grabbing is for the purpose of irritating the Arabs, so they will accept any solution.

As I explained at the time, the Kushner plan has many elements of the “Greater Israel” agenda in it, just written out in black and white.

Kushner said that the plan, which on paper says “expand Israel’s borders” is actually about “eliminating borders.”

This is what he said when doing interviews related to the unveiling of his plan on February 26, 2019:

The political plan, which is very detailed, is really about establishing borders and resolving final status issues. But, in order to eh, you, the goal of resolving these borders is really to eliminate the borders. And so, if you can eliminate borders and have peace, less fear of terror, you could have freer flow of goods, freer flow of people, and that will create a lot more opportunities.

That doesn’t make any sense unless you understand the Greater Israel plan.

At some point, I need to draw up a better research piece on this containing all of the sources, including statements by the rabbis going all the way back to before Israel existed (some of them long before) explaining what this is all about. Because really, the only people who talk about this stuff are the evangelical end times Christians, and the only reason they talk about it is that the Jews told them about it, and have set them up to worship the Antichrist, who is the Jewish messiah, who is coming very soon now.

I do think that some of the evangelical material is worth studying, because it is literally just the unfiltered propaganda that the Jews want to feed the goyim to convince them to worship their coming Antichrist. But as stated, they mix this stuff with plans to tear down the mosque (as you can see in the thumbnail of the video below) – even though no single Jew is talking about tearing down the mosque.

The Moslems have some good material about the coming Jew Antichrist, just looking at what the Jews themselves say, but you have to wade through their religious materials to get to it. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

No one else talks about these Jewish plans to rule the world from Jerusalem, because it is considered anti-Semitic to point to all of these statements by the Jews saying they’re planning to rule over the goyim.

I never have time to go into details about any of this stuff, so all you get are these little snippets of me sloppily scrawling it out. The fact that I am the single person saying the truth about so many matters puts me in a very uncomfortable position, where I’m required to just spew this information out, in the vague hopes that someone else will pick it up and run with it, put together the research and organize the data. But this never happens. Look at the coronavirus situation. I’m posting all of this data, as fast as I can, not in a very orderly manner, and yet no one is organizing it and presenting it in a more digestible manner.

The sleazy rat Paul Joseph Watson sometimes goes through and organizes my stuff in videos, but the videos are just so gay. Plus, he only does this so he can get credibility from saying true things so he can then promote his endless war agenda. He’s certainly not going to tell the truth about the Jewish Antichrist agenda.

It’s very frustrating.

I want to write 5,000 word well-structured essays with links. I want to make videos. But this takes time that I do not have when I have to write up 50 different things every day. I’ve tried to put together a staff, and that has largely failed. Firstly, I didn’t have money to pay them. Secondly, it is really difficult to find people who understand what is going on and will follow instructions. But the main thing is the money issue. I’m sitting here trying to find coupons for discount coffee, because no one sends money to this website, despite the fact that millions read it every month.

If you people are going to read it and never send money, the least you could do is start putting together research essays or videos or something. Coronavirus alone – how easy would it be to put the facts together on this and make some decent documentary style videos about it?

You people could literally just lift everything I’ve written about the coronavirus hoax directly from this site, make a documentary and get famous. All of the work is already done for you – I already did it. I’m not asking for money or even credit. All of the talking points already exist. I made the talking points. It would be nothing to arrange them into a film.

I have told you people for seven (7) years: all of this information is free. You can copy it word for word, you can claim credit for it, I do not care. The only thing that matters is getting as many people as possible to see it.

But no. You don’t do that.

Instead we get this new age conspiracy gibberish going viral – when it could just as easily be the correct information and the hard data.

Now it’s my sole job to explain the Antichrist and Beast 666 system. And no one is going to help me transform that into an easy format.

Sometimes I think I should just end the “news site” format of this site and only publish long articles, one or two a day, sometimes only one every three days, to get the full information across on limited issues.

Look, here’s the series of events, in bullet point form.

The plan for Jewish rule:

  • The Jews want to rule the world from Jerusalem
  • They have to get the Moslems on board with going along with this
  • They are creating endless crises to agitate the Moslems
  • The new leader of Saudi Arabia, Prince Salman, is transforming the Islamic world into a feminist/gay sex fest
  • A big war is coming in the Middle East
  • The Jewish messiah, also known as the Antichrist, will be involved in ending a war and bringing everyone together
  • A deal will be made between the Moslems and the Jews to make Jerusalem a “city of all faiths”
  • They will build a new Jew temple next to the Moslem mosque, and the leaders of Islam will come together with the Jew leaders and declare allegiance to Jerusalem
  • Evangelical Christian leaders will endorse this leader as the second coming of Christ
  • This new religion will also be an environmentalist and Gaia earth-worship religion, to get all of those retards on-board, and the stated agenda will be “to save the planet”

The coronavirus hoax plan:

  • They are making everyone poor and stirring up lunatic-levels of fear of viruses
  • They are locking everyone in their houses
  • They are collapsing the economy
  • They are going to create vaccines that everyone on earth is expected to get
  • When the dollar and other currencies collapse, they will replace them with a new digital currency
  • They will implement UBI to save people from poverty
  • They will implant people with computer chips that show they are vaccinated, plus serve as a credit card for the new digital currency
  • Everyone will be excited to be allowed to leave their houses and have money to buy things
  • If you don’t get the chip, you will not get the UBI, and thus will probably starve
  • Also without the chip, you will not be able to attend any public events or go in any stores
  • A world government will come together to regulate this new economy and fight viruses
  • This world government will be centered in Jerusalem

These people are openly saying all of this. It isn’t a religious prophecy theory. It is based on what they are openly saying they are going to do.

Someone needs to explain this to people.

Write the research articles, make the documentaries.

Get er done.