Jew Kerry Visits Jew Government of Kiev, Offers Them a Billion Dollars

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 4, 2014

The black President’s Jewish Secretary of State, John Kerry, has arrived in Kiev, bringing tiding of joy to the burned city.  He is donating a billion dollars of US tax payer money to help the new “government” fix their problems.

Please, never mind that when Putin had pledged $15 billion, they went ahead and overthrew the government. This billion from the US is just a primer – the IMF is on the way with lots more.


Mr. Kerry, the highest-ranking American official to visit Ukraine since the crisis escalated last week with threats of Russian military intervention, walked through part of the square in central Kiev that was the site of a deadly confrontation last month between protesters and security forces loyal to President Viktor F. Yanukovych, the pro-Kremlin leader who has since fled.

These brave Ukrainians took to the streets in order to stand peacefully against tyranny and to demand democracy. So instead, they were met with snipers, who picked them off one after the other as people of courage, notwithstanding the bullets, went out to get them, dragged them to safety, give them comfort, expose themselves,” Mr. Kerry said in remarks at a news conference.

Whoa. I wasn’t expecting to see that “peaceful protestors” line again. That is really, really shocking. When Obama said it, I figured he had been too busy smoking crack and having gay sex to have looked at what was actually happening in the Ukraine.

How are these people able to make such statements?

Just to refresh your memory, this is what Kiev looked like when Yanukovych finally started sniping “protestors.”

peaceful protest 1peaceful protest 2UKRAINE-EU-RUSSIA-UNREST-POLITICSUKRAINE-EU-RUSSIA-UNREST-POLITICS-DEMOpeaceful protest 5

It is almost unfathomable that a human being would be able to make a claim such as this with a straight face, knowing that everyone in the world understands the objective fact that what took place in Kiev was a violent revolution.

Ah, but John Kerry isn’t a human being, is he?

He’s a Jew.


Mr. Kerry castigated Russia over what he called its move to control Ukraine’s Crimea region through force but also said: “we are not seeking confrontation. There is a better way for Russia to apursue its legitimate interests in Ukraine.”

The purpose of the loan guarantee is to support Ukraine’s efforts to integrate with the West and to help offset the reduction of energy subsidies from Russia, which has challenged the new government’s legitimacy.

The United States will also send technical experts to help Ukraine’s national bank and finance ministry, provide advice on how to fight corruption and train election monitors to help establish the legitimacy of Ukraine’s coming election.

Kerry also accused Putin of lying and all sorts of other terrible things.

Last month, when John Kerry was being accused of Antisemitism for his dealings with Israel, his brother came out and explained to the world why that couldn’t possibly be the case.


John Kerry’s brother has responded to charges of anti-Semitism against the U.S. Secretary of State by some conservative Israelis — including a prominent minister — by writing publicly about the family’s Jewish roots.

Cameron Kerry wrote a column in Israel’s largest circulation daily newspaper, Yediot, saying the accusations “would be ridiculous if they were not so vile.”

John Kerry said it was a “revelation” when he learned in 2003 from a Boston Globe report, shortly before he ran for president, that his grandfather changed his family name from Kohn and converted to Catholicism before coming to the U.S. in 1905.

Obama was holding a press conference from a school in Washington at the same time Kerry was speaking in Kiev.


Washington Times:

Mr. Obama said there is a “strong belief” in the international community that Russia’s move in the Crimean peninsula is a violation of international law.

“I know President Putin seems to have a different set of lawyers making a different set of interpretations,” Mr. Obama said. “But I don’t think that’s fooling anybody.”

While Russia has legitimate interests in what happens in a neighboring state, Mr. Obama said, “that does not give it the right to use force in exerting influence inside that state.”

The president, who has been criticized for a weak response in the affair, refuted suggestions in the media that Mr. Putin’s actions “have been clever strategically.”

“I actually think that this has not been a sign of strength but rather is a reflection that countries near Russia have deep concerns and suspicions about this kind of meddling,” Mr. Obama said. “If anything, it will push countries further away from Russia. There is the ability of Ukraine to be a friend of the West and a friend of Russia, as long as none of us are inside of Ukraine trying to meddle and intervene, certainly not militarily, with decisions that properly belong to the Ukrainian people.”

Now we understand what he meant when he told Putin there would be “consequences”: he meant he would say some really mean things about Russia to the press. Clearly, he doesn’t have the capacity to do anything else.

Obama, meeting with a council of Jewish vipers, deciding how to start a World War.
Obama, meeting with a council of Jewish vipers, deciding how to start a World War.

Canada showed its support for violent revolution today and flew the Ukrainian flag over Parliament.

Such freedom.  So democracy.
Such freedom. So democracy.

Meanwhile, the Maidan government is honing it’s strategy of governing, which revolves around installing the super-rich in key government positions.

Voice of Russia:

New Kiev authorities are attracting oligarchs to the governance. Among one of the promises that Maidan officials have made is to fight with doubtful acquired capital. Meanwhile, they have appointed billionaire Igor Kolomoisky as the head of Dnipropetrovsk who was previously charged for several criminal cases. The chairman of the corporation “IUD” Sergei Taruta headed Donetsk.

Prime Minister Yatsenuk understands that without money and power of these people it is impossible to raise the Ukrainian economy. This is the reason for his friendliness. There are heads of big Ukrainian companies, millionaires and billionaires in the conference hall. But the wealthiest people are not here.

Igor Kolomoisky, oligarch number 2 according to Forbes was appointed governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region. He is known for his good sense of humor and yet he managed to earn four billion of dollars. He was studying to become an engineer. But during perestroika he showed entrepreneur skills. As his student friends remember he was always “inventing and trading something.”

Kolomoisky is, of course, a Jew Israeli dual-citizen.

Billionaire Jewish Parasite Igor Kolomoisky, appointed to rule the East.
Billionaire Jewish Parasite Igor Kolomoisky, appointed to rule the East.

The Republicans, rather than oppose Obama’s war-mongering, have come out and claimed that he isn’t doing enough to push the world into a World War.

The snake Donald Rumsfeld called him weak for “not doing enough” to fight the “KGB thug.”


Rumsfeld said under the Obama administration the U.S. has been perceived as a world power in decline, and wields far less influence than it used to. Consequently, the world as a whole has become less stable.

“We have created a leadership vacuum in the world, and it is being filled by the Putins of the world, by people without our values or our interest, and it’s to the detriment of the United States and our friends and allies around the world,” he said. “It is the United States that’s injected that instability into the world equation.”

Well, you can’t hardly disagree with that, can you?

Clearly, Putin’s anti-faggotry laws and Church-building demonstrate that he does not share American values.  And it is unquestionably the United States that has injected instability into the world.  What with starting wars everywhere and funding color revolutions and exporting porno and Justin Beiber.  We are an instability factory.

Sarah Palin is bragging about how she predicted Putin would invade the Ukraine.

She has said so many nutzoid things though, that just using basic math, some of them had to have end up being correct.

“Well, anyone who carries the common sense gene would know that Putin doesn’t change his stripes,” Palin told Sean Hannity. “He hearkens back to the era of the czars and he wants that Russian empire to grow again.”

Putin, for his part, has said that he does not want to invade the Ukraine, but he will if he has to.


Russia will not go to war with the people of Ukraine, but will use its troops to protect citizens, if radicals with clout in Kiev now try to use violence against Ukrainian civilians, particularly ethnic Russians, Putin told the media.

Putin, who was given a mandate by the Russian senate to use military force to protect civilians in Ukraine, said there is no need for such an action yet.

Putin cited the actions of radical activists in Ukraine, including the chaining of a governor to a stage as public humiliation and the killing of a technician during an opposition siege of the Party of Regions HQ, as justification for Russia to be concerned for the lives and well-being of people in eastern and southern Ukraine.

Incidents like those are why Russia reserves the option of troop deployment on the table.

“If we see this lawlessness starting in eastern regions, if the people ask us for help – in addition to a plea from a legitimate president, which we already have – then we reserve the right to use all the means we possess to protect those citizens. And we consider it quite legitimate,” he said.

Russia is not planning to go to war with the Ukrainian people, Putin stressed, when a journalist asked if he was afraid of war. But Russian troops would prevent any attempts to target Ukrainian civilians, should they be deployed.

“We are not going to a war against the Ukrainian people,” he said. “I want you to understand it unambiguously. If we do take a decision, it would only be to protect Ukrainian citizens. Let anybody in the military dare, and they’d be shooting their own people, who would stand up in front of us. Shoot at women and children. I’d like to see anyone try and order such a thing in Ukraine.”

In Washington, there appears to be wide support for sanctions on Russian officials, banks and businesses.

Washington Post:

“The time to act is now,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-Calif.) said in a statement shortly after Secretary of State John F. Kerry announced plans for the aid package in Kiev. “We must place crippling sanctions on Russian high-ranking officials, state-owned banks and commercial enterprises, and key individuals behind the Russian intervention. Only by forcing Putin to reverse aggression and by supporting Ukraine in this time of national crisis can we hope to restore peace in the region.”

Meanwhile, Alexander Lukashevich, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman,  says Moscow will retaliate against any unilateral US sanctions.


“We will have to respond,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in a statement. “As always in such situations, provoked by rash and irresponsible actions by Washington, we stress: this is not our choice.”

“We have frequently explained to the Americans … why unilateral sanctions do not fit the standards of civilised relations between states,” Lukashevich said.

There is no way to know what is going to happen next, but if I had to guess, I’d wager that within the next couple of days the Maidan government is going to exert further pressure of the Russians of the East of Ukraine, and Putin will have to respond by extending the occupation.  Troops are already massed on the border, and massed in Crimea, so a takeover of Kharkiv and Donetsk could be done in a matter of hours. The population of these cities is already begging for liberation.

The Ukraine is getting smaller.
The Ukraine is getting smaller.

If the US does not try to intervene militarily, it will stop there.  For now.  If they do intervene, World War Three will have officially begun.

Obama is being pressured by the Jews, the Republicans and his own party to act, but there is no actual option for action, beyond military force.

He is pretty well backed against a wall, and it is going to be very hard to simply walk away.

This isn't a game.
This isn’t a game.