Jew Julia Ioffe, Member of ADL Anti-Troll Council, Fakes Email From Andrew Anglin

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2016

On Friday, the Jewish journalist Julia Ioffe posted a fake email from me on her Twitter page.

She posted it so that you could see my name and avatar, but not the email address (which I guess is how it appears on the iPhone mail app).

I have never sent this woman an email.

Most likely, she sent this herself, and this is part of her Jew scheme to get me thrown in prison for speech crimes. Ioffe is a member of a Jewish ADL council that is trying to shut down trolling and have me thrown in prison.

Recently, a Huffington Post journalist (technically a freelance journalist working on a story for the Huffington Post), Luke O’Brien, sent me emails claiming that the FBI was after me for hacking email accounts and using them to send threatening emails. He claimed to have gotten this information from Julia Ioffe.


I am finding myself reminded of the situation of Bill White, a Neo-Nazi leader who has been sentenced to three decades in prison for allegedly sending threatening emails. Some of these alleged emails were sent to journalists. White maintains that he did not send these emails.

According to O’Brien, Ioffe also told him that I am living in Berlin, which is untrue (it is obviously impossible that I could live there and run this site, unless I was a criminal super-mastermind with fake passports and realistic rubber facial prosthetics). He claimed that she told him the FBI told her that I was in Berlin, which they wouldn’t do even if they thought that.

Presumably, the ADL council wants to make the argument that I have been working in Berlin, so they can try to have me extradited there, as it is the only country where I could be charged with sedition for speech crimes.

The ADL council, officially called the “Task Force on Hate Speech and Journalism,” has explicitly stated that its goal is to silence freedom of speech in order to protect Jewish journalists from criticism. Its members include several high level Jewish journalists, prominent academics and the former assistant director of the FBI.

Ioffe’s attacks on the Daily Stormer, following her being trolled for having viciously attacked Empress Melania in GQ, appear to have been the impetus for the formation of this council. She went all throughout the media whining about the Daily Stormer, saying – and I quote – “oy vey, shut it down goyim” (that isn’t an actual quote, but it is the summation of her argument).


Bless her filthy black kike heart, this whine-fest led to Glorious Leader’s infamous refusal to denounce the Stormer Troll Army to the kike Wolf Blitzer.

Jews Playing the “Alt-Lite” Card

One of the stated goals of the ADL group – which has identified weev and this author as primary targets – is to “propose solutions and/or countermeasures that can prevent journalists becoming targets for hate speech and harassment on social media in the future.”

These “solutions and/or countermeasures” apparently include developing relationships with pro-Jewish “Alt-Lite” figures.

Alt-Lite figure Richard Spencer, a lesser known member of the McInnes/MILO/etc crowd, recently tweeted a provocative selfie with Ioffe.

Note that she took the picture and he tweeted it, meaning either she was using his phone (which implies intimacy) or she sent him the picture later on Whatsapp, which implies intimacy and/or a working relationship.

She was the first person who responded to the tweet, taking issue with his “enemy” joke.

I was not really familiar with Richard Spencer before the media barrage surrounding the Alt-Right over the summer, where he was presented by the Jewish media as the Leader of the movement. Since then, Spencer has been found in close proximity to other Alt-Lite figures attacking me and other anti-Jewish individuals.

After the Jew MILO accused me of being Jewish on Facebook, he was the first commenter, posting a lol emoji and asking for an interview.


After Gavin McInnes accused me of being a fed for talking about Jews, Richard Spencer gave comment for a Takimag article McInnes wrote repeating this accusation.

While Richard Spencer is the only one of this group so far to have been confirmed to be in communication with the ADL council, I believe that it is not out of order to assume that the Jew MILO, as well as Gavin McInnes’ Jew producer Ezra Levant, are probably working with them on some level as well.

I believe that this attempt to paint me as some kind of kike agent is part of a last-ditch effort by these people. This is indicated by the fact that O’Brien, who was admittedly in contact with the council, suggested in his email that I am or could be a fed (because I am being investigated by them, lel). The email seems to be entirely based on information from Ioffe, so it’s hard to believe that it’s a coincidence that McInnes and MILO are suggesting the same thing.

Moving Back the Battle Lines

The Jews have suffered a massive blow with the rise of the New Right and the ascension of Donald Trump. They are in the process now of regrouping, preparing to launch a new psych-war on the goyim.

Basically, they paid these “conservative” figures such as Glenn Beck and the Natioanl Review team to control the thoughts and beliefs of White Americans, and they failed. So now, they will bring in a new line of shills.

ht_david_french_cspan_hb_160531_16x9_992 beckRepublican Presidential Candidates Particpate in Fox News Debate in Iowa

Out with the old


In with the new

The “compassionate conservatives” pushed the racial inclusion line, and that failed. The thing is, Jews don’t actually care about racial inclusiveness, they merely care that people don’t attack them specifically. What multiculturalism does is give them an extra layer of protection, creating a chaotic society where they are much less likely to be singled out as an alien enemy.

With the backlash against multiculturalism and political correctness in full-swing, they are now going to move to place figures within the right who are critical of multiculturalism and political correctness, but support Jews.

We are absolutely going to see the cuckolded conservatives who fought Trump replaced with slightly less cuckolded conservatives in the media.

Probably, Gavin McInnes and maybe even Alex Jones will be given shows on Fox News. We will also see more of these people popping up, saying “yeah, I support Western civilization – the Jews are an intrinsic part of it!”

ADL/SPLC in Chaos

The ADL/SPLC Jewish anti-speech brigade has been thrown into a state of chaos following the extreme victory of Donald J. Trump.

As Eric Striker wrote today, it is only a matter of time before these Jewish terrorist groups become non-viable, and it is quite possible that they could be criminally investigated.

At the very least, their program of shutting down revenue sources of organizations they deem “unacceptable” by threatening PayPal, ad agencies and credit card processors, as they have done to The Daily Stormer, will lead to a class action suit against them for tortious interference (by the way, if anyone wants to get that ball rolling soon, I’m totally in on it and will gladly use this site to make sure everyone that this has happened to signs up).

So, faking emails, trying to get me extradited to Berlin, claiming that I’m a fed, etc., are just flailing, desperate attempts to do anything they can to stop hell from raining down on them.


Following the Trump win, I seriously doubt that silencing the free speech of pro-Trump activists is a priority of law enforcement.

The one thing that could gain some traction is this apparent plan to work with Alt-Lite figures to shill against the goyim, and prevent more and more from waking up to the Jewish problem. That is of course something that goes beyond the ADL, and will be managed by the big Jewish media corporations, but the council appears to be on the ground floor of trying to make this conservative media transition viable.

We will continue to confront these shills here.

By the way – what’s happening with #DebateAnglin?

Is Gavin McInnes a total coward?

This guy has accused me of being a fed three times – for three different media outlets – and yet is refusing to directly confront me.

What’s up with that?