Jew Judge Gives 7 Years Detention for 14-Year-Old Black Girl Who Killed Man During Car-Jacking

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We’ve got an update here on one of the MOST EPIC VIRAL VIDS of 2021.

The blacks are finally trying to support the Aryan revolution by cleaning out the immigrants – and the Jew government is supporting this agenda by refusing to punish them in any serious manner!

Daily Mail:

A 14-year-old girl who pleaded guilty to murdering an UberEats driver during a botched carjacking attempt will now serve just seven years in a youth detention facility after being handed the maximum possible sentence Tuesday.

The teenager, then 13, and another girl aged 15 tried to seize 66-year-old Mohammad Anwar’s car using a Taser while he was working near Nationals Park in Springfield, Virginia on March 23.

Horrific video shows them speeding off with helpless delivery driver clinging onto a side door, before the car smashed into a fence and crushed Anwar between the barrier and the door.

The car then hit a curb and tipped onto its side.

“Tipped onto its side” is the understatement of the year.

That bitch FLIPPED onto its side!

Washington DC juvenile court judge Lynn Leibovitz said the 14-year-old would be locked up until she turned 21. In early June, the older girl was also sentenced to confinement until the same age.

Prosecutors said the younger girl showed no remorse and muttered to herself when she thought no one could hear after she was arrested: ‘If you gave me my f*****g phone, the jacks would have still been alive, but no, you want to put my damn phone in your pocket.’

The girl told the court she was sorry, but her statement was hard to hear, reported WUSA9.

A plea deal for accepting second-degree murder charges meant the other charges against her – including armed carjacking – were dropped, and she will be released when she turns 21.

The 14-year-old has also been found responsible in two other cases – including unauthorized use of a motorized vehicle – and will be sentenced in those cases later this month.

At the time of the younger girl’s sentencing, the judge said the carjacking was ‘terrible and devastating’ and that the victim’s family would never recover from the trauma.

Things are looking up for the Aryan Revolution.

The Aryan Revolution is feeling like the opening theme song of the Mary Tyler Moore show right about now.

14/88 WHITE POWER is going to make it after all.

Before black customers:

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Nah, I joke.

But I feel bad for the poor bastard.

I’m sure he literally was “trying to make a better life for his family.”

Most of them are.

The real problem is not the immigrants, but the Jews who open the gates to them.

The video is still a classic though. I’m not a nice enough guy to not laugh my ass off at his loafers flying through the air while those niglets make their getaway.

What a mess.