Jew-Hating Germans Forced to Remove “Holocaust Wound” from Amazon

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 11, 2017

It must be difficult being a Holocaust survivor. After having spent a good portion of your adult life suppressing memories of being gassed to death, skinned alive and then transformed into shaving gel (but, thankfully, living to tell the tale), you still find yourself being ridiculed by the children of your Nazi tormentors.

This time, those evil Germans have come under fire for selling Holocaust-related latex wounds on Amazon.

The Telegraph:

A fancy dress item described as a ‘Holocaust wound’ was removed from sale on Amazon this week following a number of complaints – including one from the Auschwitz Museum and Memorial.

The £20 latex wound was offered on Amazon UK by a seller called Horror-Shop. The product description, which appeared to have been erratically translated from German read: “Holocaust wound. Derbe burn for half his face as latex application. 3D Burn! Acid attack, Krasser sunburn or wound a burnt offering to be burst blisters over half his face.”

The official Twitter account for the Holocaust memorial tweeted out an image of the product listing on Monday, saying: “Dear @AmazonUK: is selling ‘a Holocaust wound’ really appropriate? This is rather disturbing & disrespectful.”

This is incredibly insensitive, and the Germans who sold it know it.

Everyone is aware that Nazi soldiers often used acid to kill their Jewish prisoners. That’s why many Jews who managed to survive after being killed during World War II have deep scars on their faces and bodies.

This beautiful Jewess, for example, was once able to seduce the most cold-hearted of SS guards…

… Until a female Nazi officer, consumed with jealousy, decided to scald her entire body with sulfuric acid.

The Amazon listing was subsequently taken down. Pawel Sawicki, press officer for the Auschwitz Memorial, told BuzzFeed: “We were not the only one who reacted in this case. We rather noticed complaints of others and joined them.

“However it’s good that the item was removed from the stock. Selling such objects is at least inappropriate, disturbing and disrespectful to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust.”

Though it’s encouraging that Jews forced Horror Shop to remove the listing, this feels like a negligible step forward in the War Against Suffering.

If Holocaust survivors (and young Jews who continue to re-live the Holocaust through their DNA) are upset by latex masks, surely they’ll be even more upset when exposed to the violence produced by the Arab media machine?

The evil Palestinian film-maker, Eli Roth, is notorious for his violent and graphic movies that contain vivid, Holocaust-like torture scenes. Why don’t Jewish organizations attack him, too?

The Munich-based novelty item retailers responded saying: “Thank you very much for the info. All of our English translations are done via a script so this error was not on purpose.”

The English-language listing for the item on the Horror Shop website now describes it as a ‘Fire Victim Wound”.

Ha! Nice try, Nazis. You expect us to believe that you use a script to translate German into English, even though the English market is the most lucrative one?

No; this was an act of deliberate Jew-hatred. These blue-eyed Germans had another opportunity to thrust an SS-shaped lightning bolt deep into the heart of the Jewish people, and they seized it with Teutonic zeal.

Hopefully, one day, the German race will cease to exist so that Jews can live in a world free from their pathological anti-Semitism.

Let’s be honest: would the world be worse without these kinds of people?