Jew Hackers Hacked Your Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 28, 2020

People so lazy and weird that they buy a robot vacuum cleaner basically deserve to be hacked.


Security vulnerabilities in a brand of Internet of Things connected vacuum cleaner could allow hackers to gain access to devices, send commands and even monitor live video feeds recorded by the in-built cameras, according to security company researchers.

Researchers at cybersecurity Checkmarx said they have discovered the potential flaws in the Trifo Ironpie M6 smart vacuum cleaner and said they have contacted the manufacturer multiple times but have yet to receive a reply.

By exploiting vulnerabilities, hackers could potentially take control of a vacuum, as well as have the ability to monitor the live video feed produced by the device. Attackers could also gain access to internal mapping data of the area the cleaner patrols and information about the network it is on, potentially including the IP address and location.

“That’s a lot of information,” Erez Yalon, director of security research at Checkmarx, told ZDNet.

The Trifo Ironpie is a robot vacuum cleaner, advertised as both a way of keeping carpets clean, and a means of keeping buildings safe from intruders, thanks to the built-in camera.

But researchers found discovered that the camera be accessed, thanks to a combination of the servers communicating with the device lacking proper authentication mechanisms and insecure encryption that allows traffic to be sniffed.

Hacking a vacuum cleaner might sound like an annoyance more than a malicious attack, but it’s also possible to combine this with remotely accessing the camera and snooping on live feeds, as well as access to mapping data produced by the Ironpie.

Of course it’s the Jews that are studying the hacking of your vacuum cleaner. They will hack it and then make you pay them to stop hacking it.

Basically, all of this hacking technology is coming from Israel. They are the only ones that are able to hack iPhones, and they charge people a million dollars for it. This is illegal under international law, but no one does anything about it, because in the 1940s, Adolf Hitler forced millions of Jews to climb trees and pretend to be roosters.

All of this Internet of Things stuff is just asking to be hacked. At the moment, you can still buy products that don’t automatically connect to the internet, and that is advisable. In a few years, you will have to manually shut off the internet on all of your home appliances, but that will also be advisable.

No one really understands what the benefit is for a vacuum cleaner to connect to the internet, but it seems “cool.” It’s just like no one understood what the point of Joe Biden running for president was, but he seemed “cool.”

Then it turned out that Joe Biden was too cool for school when Bernie Sanders schooled him.

Just so, robot vacuum cleaner owners will get schooled by Jew hackers.

The point of all of these devices connecting to the internet is to get you to pay more money for them. But it is also so that the Jews can hack them.

Why else would they put a camera on it that can see the whole room? I mean, maybe it needs a camera to see where walls and stairs are, but that would only need to look at the ground, not the whole room. Also, there could just be a basic censor, rather than a HD digital camera.

They say it’s so you can use an app to view your home.

Why would anyone want to do that?

This is literally just a home spying device that the Jews can take control of and have access to your entire home.

Don’t fall for it.

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