Jew Female Tells Filthy Goyim That If They Support Orange Man, They’re Not Real Christians

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 23, 2019

Tara Dublin will decide who the true followers of Christ are. 

Christianity Today, a magazine founded by Billy Graham, recently claimed that it was the duty of Christians to fight against president Trump, and push for his impeachment. Because, the publication claimed, democracy human rights values are actually Christian values, somehow.

The article was written by a bulbous glutton, Mark Galli, who should have no right to speak on any issues of morality until he gets his eating disorder in order.

The magazine was presented to the goyim as a mainstream Christian publication, but looking into it, I found that all the way back in 2000, the magazine claimed that after 2,000 years, it had been figured out that Jews didn’t actually kill Jesus.

They did an OJ Simpson type thing where they claimed they were still looking for the real killers.

So the magazine is a joke. And doesn’t even represent the worst of the evangelical Jew-lovers.

It is just a hoax publication.

However, when this article was published, many other non-Christians came out and decided to attack Christians for supporting Donald Trump.

Including “Tara Dublin,” who has Jew stars and triple parentheses around her name on her Twitter profile.

“If you say you’re a Christian but you also have “MAGA” in your profile, you are a giant #FakeChristian Trumpocrite just like Franklin Graham & the rest of #Cult45,” she wrote.

Because apparently, it is now the right of the people who murdered Jesus to decide who his true followers are.

She is a columnist for “Jewcy,” a Jewish publication, where her profile reads like a dating profile. She is apparently looking for someone to raise her two mischling children.

So, uh. That might be tough.

Big think emoji.

What I would like to point out is that allowing this vile Jew woman to judge what it means to be a Christian is not a lot different than what Christians already do. In fact, it’s the same thing.

Christians have allowed non-Christians to tell them:

  • Not to be racist
  • Not to be anti-Semites
  • Not to be sexist
  • That “God is love”
  • Not to be homophobes

In the last 70 years, Christianity has morphed into something that is so different from what it used to be that it is unrecognizable.

Whether Protestant or Catholic, all of us need to be working to undo the damage that has been done to our religion. And the first thing we need to do is realize that only God can judge us. Some liberal in Christianity Today can’t judge us, the media can’t judge us and above all the Jews can’t judge us.

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