Jew Female Comedian Amy Schumer Stole All of Her Jokes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 21, 2020

(This is really filthy, and no one should watch it. Really awful.)

I just watched this video about how the Jew female Amy Schumer, allegedly a comedian, stole all of her jokes.

It’s a fantastic video. It’s 26 minutes long, and it’s all just a record of all of the jokes this horrid bitch lifted from comedy shows and other comedians.

The brazenness.

I’ve seen Dennis Leary and Carlos Mencia.

We all remember the infamous Joe Rogan confrontation with the latter.

But neither did anything like Amy Schumer.

She is the greatest joke thief in all of history, and I thank whoever put this compilation together.

You’d better watch it now, as it will I’m certain eventually be taken down for anti-Semitism. Or sexism. Or whatever.

“She couldn’t make her own jokes because her whole family was getting gassed while someone catcalled her.”


You know she’s Chuck Schumer’s cousin?

It’s a weird thing to have these disgusting people from the Middle East ruling over us like this. Truly. It’s been weird.

Growing up, the last thing I expected to discover was that my civilization had been infiltrated and taken over by a cult of blood-drinking Satan-worshipers from the Levant, and that they actually rule us right out in the open, but if you talk about it, they say you’re evil, and everyone in society will agree with them that you’re evil, because it just isn’t polite to point out this awkward situation.

The way they use their satanic power to promote themselves as talented even though they’re not might be the worst part of the whole situation.

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