Jew “Fact Checker” Erin Biba Deletes Twitter Account After Blaming White Supremacy for a Black Man Stabbing Jews

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 30, 2019

The Jew Erin Biba works for NBC News. Her job is to check facts and she has a face you can trust!

Saturday night, Erin Biba, a Jew who checks facts for NBC News, posted this tweet on her verified Twitter account.

For someone who checks facts for a living, she is obviously terrible at her job. Because we already know who attacked those Jews. It is not a complicated situation as she implied in her tweet.

The individual who stabbed those Jews was a black man named Grafton Thomas. He was detained by police and pictures of him have been plastered everywhere. The Associated Press and all the major news services have carried this story.

But what on earth does White supremacy have to do with a Negro stabbing a bunch of Jews?

We weren’t the only ones confused. Twitter exploded with people demanding a more detailed explanation.

Here’s just a small sample of the backlash she received.

This professional checker of facts couldn’t handle all the criticism, so she not only locked her account but deleted it!

As mentioned earlier, Erin is Jewish. Even though she deleted her Twitter account, she previously referred to herself as a descendant of Holocaust survivors in a tweet she posted whining about Donald Trump’s executive order on anti-Semitism.

So between her very Jewish behavior and this tweet, her status as a Jew is confirmed. A tweet from earlier this year was documented on Hot Air.

This situation surrounding Erin Biba should serve as a valuable lesson to people.

Never trust anyone who calls themselves a “fact checker” and more importantly never trust Jews. But never ever in a million years trust a Jewish “fact checker.”