Jew Facebook Celebrates Killings of White Cops

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 12, 2016

Mark Dice is getting racist.

But he won’t call out Zuckerberg as a Jew.

Neither will Breitbart, of course.


Despite remaining under scrutiny for liberal bias, Facebook has used the aftermath of the Dallas shootings to pander to Black Lives Matter, hoisting a giant banner featuring the slogan on their Menlo Park Campus this weekend.

The giant sign spelled out the words “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” with the words formed from the names of black people whose deaths attracted national attention.

The name of Emmett Till, who was lynched in 1955 after he flirted with a white woman appears alongside the name of Michael Brown, who was shot in August 2014 after he robbed a convenience store, physically attacked a police officer and attempted to seize his sidearm. How the two cases can be compared was not made clear by Facebook, but Breitbart readers can of course make their minds up for themselves.

Facebook put up the sign on Friday, a day after black supremacist Micah Xavier Johnson carried out a massacre of police officers in Dallas, Texas during a Black Lives Matter protest in the city, killing five and wounding eight others. Naturally, the names of these police officers did not appear on Facebook’s sign.

Till was the proto-Mike Brown, of course. He was threatening to rape a White woman, and got what he deserved.

At least Zuckerberg is one of the funny Jews, rather than one of the serious Jews.

After Lando Calrissian was killed by a Stormtrooper, he used the event to promote his product.