Jew Ed Miliband Suggests Posting Guards Along English-Scottish Border if Scotland Votes for Independence

Daily Slave
September 8, 2014

Ed Miliband
How on earth is this ridiculous Jew in charge of a major political party in the UK?

It is unknown how anyone in Britain can take the Jewish head of the Labour party Ed Miliband seriously.  The fact that he is suggesting that border guards be posted between the English-Scottish border if Scotland votes in favor of independence is laughable.  It is just another scare tactic by the British establishment to dissuade Scots from declaring independence.

But either way, it is insane that this Jew would be in favor of posting guards to keep White Scots from entering England but seems to be OK with third world mud people entering the country with few restrictions.

I sincerely hope you Brits are able to deport this ridiculous Jew out of your country.  Miliband is a good example as to why Jews should be banned from all positions of political power.

London Independent:

Labour leader Ed Miliband has raised the prospect of guards lining the 95-mile English-Scottish border if there is a ‘Yes’ result in Scotland’s independence referendum.

In an interview with the Scottish Mail on Sunday, he said: “If you don’t want borders, vote to stay in the United Kingdom.” Then, asked if there would need to be border guards, he added: “It would have to be looked at.” With just 12 days to go until the referendum, Labour heavyweights are urging Scottish residents to think carefully about the full implications of a ‘yes’ vote after the dramatic narrowing of referendum polling. Tonight, unionists were stunned to find a YouGov poll had the Scottish National Party backed campaign for independence in the lead for the first time, posting a 51 to 49 percentage advantage when undecided respondents were removed.

Former Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett later told theMail on Sunday: “Were the Scots to vote ‘yes’ to separation, the issue of border controls and the threat of entry through Scottish ports and airports would take on serious proportions.”

A spokesman for the ‘Yes Scotland’ campaign said: “’There will be no border posts between an independent Scotland and the rest of the UK. The No campaign will say anything to try to scare people into throwing away this unique opportunity to put our future into our own hands.”