Jew Comedian Jerry Seinfeld Can’t Keep Up with Political Correctness in the Current Year

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2018

tfw the goyim are going way overboard with the Jew stuff and you can’t make jokes anymore.

The SJW golem are pushing the poz-train so fast that even yesterday’s subversive Jews are left in the dust, considered regressive relics of a bygone era.

At this rate, within a few years, Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer will be widely condemned as Nazis for their socially conservative worldviews and politically incorrect jokes.

God help us.


Like Phil Rosenthal, Jerry Seinfeld is another wildly successful sitcom creator who has a show on Netflix where he eats meals with his friends, but unfortunately, his TV endeavor lacks the warmth of Somebody Feed Phil. The latest season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee features several moments where perfectly pleasant conversations are undermined by tone-deaf remarks that indicate just how out of touch Seinfeld is with the rest of the world.

“What I like the most about the Harvey Weinstein story is how perfectly cast he is in the role,” Seinfeld says casually to Dana Carvey, seemingly forgetting how many people were hurt by the Hollywood mogul. “The look, the voice, the name, the weight. If he walks in the office you go, ‘You got it, you got the part… It’s perfection.’”

That’s… That’s actually a pretty funny joke.

The joke is that you’d expect a fat, ugly Jew to be molesting shiksas. Of course.

Oh, but you can’t make fun of dirty kike Weinstein, because… It might offend his victims or whatever.

Later in this episode, at a music store, Seinfeld stops Carvey from playing his guitar to say, “Why do I feel like a girl and you’re hitting on me? I just feel so uncomfortable right now. You’re looking me right in the eye and you’re playing a guitar. This is gay — we’re gay.”

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Ascribing particular behavior patterns to homos. VERY politically incorrect in the current year +3.

Doesn’t Seinfeld know that gays are just like everyone else?

In a later episode, Seinfeld also interrupts another one of his straight friends to tell him that he’s picking up gay vibes. “The waves of gayness that wash through you from time to time are amazing,” Seinfeld says to Alec Baldwin, in the middle of their meal. “You’re like one of the last men; you really have a manliness about you. But every once in a while, there’s like a vanilla-fudge marbling of homosexuality, just a ribbon of it, that flashes through.”

Making jokes about gays was alright in the 90s when he had his sitcom.

But now it’s a BIG no no.

Gays can only be flawless, exemplary individuals with deep personalities and rich backstories.

And in the Tracy Morgan episode, Seinfeld is perplexed when the server, a woman named Caritza, introduces herself at the start of their meal. He turns to Tracy and says, “Caritza? That’s unusual. You ever heard that name before? Why do people keep making up names?”


That’s bad.

Making fun of an immigrant’s name? Why not sign up to work for ICE, while he’s at it?

It’s all pretty mild stuff, obviously. Seinfeld was never really an edgy comedian. But in 2018, if you’re not pushing hardcore communism, you’re “out of touch.”

So these completely humorless windbags are whining about his show, signaling their virtuous adherence to victimhood dogma.

The Jews obviously never thought their program to brainwash the goyim through. I doubt any of them foresaw that cultural Marxism would one day be used to censor their own people. Using humor to ridicule society is, after all, one of the Jew’s fundamental drive.

Yet the new PC culture means that there is only one possible target for ridicule: the straight White male. Anything beyond that is simply not permitted.