Jew Claims Trump is Going Around Telling People He’ll be President Again by August

White House correspondent for The New York Times Maggie Haberman tweeted that Donald Trump has been telling some people that he’ll be president again by August.

Haberman, a former tabloid writer, has sunk the Times to new depths by using obviously fake anonymous sources in her reporting on Donald Trump over the course of his presidency. At this point, she’s apparently decided that she can just make up whatever she wants.

She’s been reading QAnon posts on 8chan, and has decided to see if that can work – and it actually seems to have worked.

She didn’t write a piece in the Times about the supposed “anonymous tip,” but she got an article written in Vanity Fair, where fellow Jew Beth Levin gave the tweet 900 words.

The Jew lawyer Seth Abramson was quoted in the Levin piece, and is spreading this around.

That sickening Asiatic homosexual from Star Trek is taking it very seriously.

It’s possible that the Jews themselves believe this is all real – that Trump is planning to return and conquer democracy. Who knows?

What is clear is that in the age of Joe Biden and a totally censored Donald Trump, a time when the overwhelming majority of Congressional Republicans are bowing down and doing whatever the Democrats want them to do, the media is lacking in villains.

What they’ve done is form a total narrative of good vs. evil that is childish and actually ridiculous. But to keep that up, you need villains – or the people you’ve sold this good vs. evil narrative to start identifying their own villains.

You could tell that Jew journalists were very nervous during the recent slaughter in Palestine, as Joe Biden sat by and claimed that “Israel has a right to defend itself.” Many in the Democrat Party began ramping up anti-Biden sentiment, and there was no place to redirect that hate.

Of course, if they hadn’t banned Donald Trump, he would have been out there on Twitter saying that Biden isn’t doing enough for the Jews, and this would have given them cover, where they could have spun some kind of narrative that Trump was responsible for the situation.

But of course, Trump is banned from everything, which makes him a much smaller person. They can report on his blog posts, but it doesn’t really have the same effect. Twitter allowed him to be right in the middle of everything.

Clearly, they couldn’t have not banned him, because he was going to keep saying the election was fake. But they’ve created a situation where they don’t have anyone to point to. I’m certain that much of the reason Tucker Carlson is still on the air is that there are Jews somewhere (not Jonathan Greenblatt) who understand that they need to be able to point to him as “what is wrong with America.”

CNN now devotes a huge percentage of their airtime to complaining about Tucker Carlson.

Haberman was testing the waters with this “Trump is planning to return and overthrow our democracy” thing. If people pick it up and run with it, they will definitely start to use him as a boogieman again more aggressively.

If not, they’re going to need new villains.

They are planning on pushing this massive narrative against white people, they’re planning on unleashing a tidal wave of violent anti-white crime, they’re presumably planning on rounding people up for thought crimes and putting them in special political prisons.

People are getting bored of the coronavirus narrative. These leftist podcasts are all saying “we won a war against the virus.” The media needs something to keep people engaged in this frenzied campaign of fear and hatred.

The bold move would be to drag Trump out and put him on trial. That would certainly be a distraction. There is no one keeping them from doing that. In fact, there is no one keeping them from doing anything: in the 2020 election, the Democrats completed the seizure of total control over every institution of power in the United States.

Their battle now is to figure out how to keep the people engaged, as they are asking for something massive: they want to complete a transformation of the lives of every normal person in the country. Everyone is going to lose a lot in this transformation. No one other than the elite and various forms of sexual degenerates has a single thing to gain from any of it – and I would include minorities in the people with nothing to gain.

The revolution was all theoretical when Trump was president. They are now asking their people to surrender their safety, income and general quality of life for the glory of the revolution – while at the same time having more than half of the country oppose them.

The Biden government has total power and virtually zero legitimacy.

Joe is barely hanging on, and no one in the country feels like they chose Kamala Harris.

She was one of the first candidates to drop out of the Democrat primary. She dropped out before voting even started, because she was polling so low.

In a November 2019 poll released just before she gave up, Kamala was polling at 3% among likely Democrat voters, down from a peak of 7%.

That was half of the rating of Amy Klobuchar, who most Americans probably could not identify.

Democrats are about half the population, so you can cut that number in half to see total support.

Since the election, the media has continued to lament the fact that she has an abysmally low approval rating. At 41 percent approval and a disapproval of 49 percent in a poll from two weeks ago, she is actually less liked and more polarizing than Donald Trump. (To be clear: “41 percent approval” does not mean that 41% of the people like her or would vote for her, just that they don’t hate her. They don’t hate her because she isn’t doing anything. She is very rarely talked about, because the media knows no one likes her.)

How much longer does old Joe have?

We post this stuff with his ears.

That’s fun to think about, but it’s probably – well, who knows what that is. Maybe it’s from the plastic surgery. Whatever the case, there is some Joe Biden who is an old man and is barely holding together. They might try to literally do a CGI rendition of him using deep fake technology for a little while. We joke, but it wouldn’t really be surprising. But that couldn’t last forever or even very long. Even under this current censorship regime, it would just be too much to run a CGI president for more than a couple weeks.

Biden is going to be replaced with a leader who is likely less popular than any leader in any country, ever. (You can look up various leaders that were overthrown in revolutions, and most of them had support of at least a third of their respective countries.) This will be during a time when America is going through more rapid and devastating change than any country ever.

There is going to need to be energy behind this program.

If they screw it up, people could simply stop cooperating. That’s the fear: it’s not some uprising, but simply that the masses of people would just lose interest and stop going along with things, and they would never have the number of police necessary to force everyone to get in line.