Jew Claims Jew Logan Paul is Guilty of “White Privilege”

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2018

Logan Paul, a Jewish man-baby, is now in even more trouble after a video emerged of him going to Japan and shitting all over everything.

While there are some whites who behave this way, debasing other cultures just for the hell of it is actually a Jewish characteristic. Just watch a movie like Euro-Trip (Jeff Schaffer, Alec Berg, David Mandel, etc.), or Borat (Sascha Baron-Cohen) to see how Jews feel it is appropriate to behave when they’re guests in other lands.

Aryans instead have the instinct to show respect. This is why the first white men ever invited to meet the Dalai Lama in Tibet was the Nazi expedition in 1938-9, which was dramatized in the film 7 years in Tibet with Brad Pitt.

As usual, Jews blame whites for their own behavior and hope that nobody will notice.

The kike Jill Gutowitz writes for Teen Vogue:

On New Year’s Eve 2017, YouTuber Logan Paul released a video that showed him venturing into Japan’s Aokigahara forest, with full knowledge that many people have died by suicide there. There, he and his team captured video of an apparent death by suicide. Even worse, Logan was extremely crude in his handling of the grave encounter, sporting a novelty alien hat and making jokes.

The video drew understandable outrage from viewers, prompting the YouTuber to release a vacuous and selfish statement intended as an apology. But the message focused on him, his power, and the possibility of forgiveness. While this controversy is a prime example of unacceptable and offensive content, it’s by no means the first time popular white male creators on the Internet have sparked worldwide outrage — but the backlash doesn’t ever seem to inspire any actual change. What’s more, it focused a spotlight on a glaring problem within the creator community: the ubiquity of white male privilege.

He’s not the only one to receive this privilege, either: In 2014, YouTuber Sam Pepper was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women. He categorically denied the allegations, but today, Pepper is still a popular YouTuber. And in February of last year, Felix Kjellberg, known on YouTube as PewDiePie, came under fire for posting several videos with anti-Semitic imagery, which led the Disney-owned Maker Studios to drop the superstar vlogger. YouTube cancelled the release of an upcoming original series with the creator and did drop him from a premier advertising program, however, his channel — and thus, his platform — were left untouched. Just like Logan, it was reportedly PewDiePie who removed the videos in question — three of which had accumulated over 23 million views — not YouTube. In September, he reportedly used the n-word in a live stream, seeming to show not only that his apologies were insincere, but also, his lack of actual, tangible punishment in the form of channel deletion allowed for him to maintain his fan-base.

Literally everything Jews say and do is oriented towards silencing “cisgender white males.” They want to silence us for the same reason the mafia silences witnesses.

You can ignore the Jewish question, but they’re all on the same page when it comes to the white question.

When it comes to white genocide, the modern white’s instinct to flee from politics dovetails perfectly with the Jewish urge to politicize everything.

It might sound ridiculous to intertwine trashy entertainment starring a kike in an animal hat with a call to deplatform all white men as a class, but reason doesn’t govern.

Jews are obsessed with platform because they know that logical arguments don’t matter, only power does.

Power is built through people coming together in collective action. And sure, an argument can compel enough of them to engage in this collective action. That’s why the elite don’t want anyone to hear us nationalists.

Skeptics can make a sassy video making fun of Jill Gutowitz and her ilk, but whose got more influence? You can laugh now, but her agenda is the one making the most institutional progress.