Jew Chuck Schumer Tells the Bidens to Halt Deportation of Invasive Haitians…!

Wait, is that a Diet Pepsi? Does he drink that as a way to seem relatable, or because he likes it? I mean, it’s kind of sitting there like a prop, but I can also imagine that Chuck Schumer is the kind of person who enjoys Diet Pepsi. At some point, we’re going to need to have a discussion about how little alcohol the Jews drink.
Second issue: why does he make faces like this? Does he actually get off on being an evil Jew gargoyle? Or is he legitimately unaware of how bad it looks to make these faces?

After the mass of well-to-do Haitian invaders camped out under a bridge in Texas, the Bidens claimed that they were going to deport them, because this is just ridiculous.

In response, Jewish Chuck Schumer and the Jewish UN are once again doing a tag team on the anus of America.

The entirety of American politics is just a brutal gang-bang porno.

Apparently now you can “seek asylum” from a hurricane.

It makes you wonder what you can’t seek asylum for.

Like, if someone says “I twisted my ankle while getting off the chair lift on the ski slopes,” is he then entitled to refugee status?

What about someone who bites his fingernails too much and gets an ingrown nail?

How about someone who gets bitten by a dog?

What exactly is the limit on this “asylum” concept?

Of course, the ratty, bulbous Jew Adam Schiff jumped in line to join the gang-bang.

These Haitians are at great risk of… being poor? Experiencing another earthquake?

Have these Jews never heard the saying “things are tough all over”?

Have they seen what is going on on the streets of Philadelphia, for example?

The basic nature of physical reality is that resources are limited. It looks to me like Philadelphia might need some resources. But the Jews argue that we need to divert resources that could be used on these people to third world people from literally anywhere on earth.

Is it because they want white people to die from drug overdoses?

Meanwhile, the United Nations – a globalist organization completely controlled by blood-sucking and Satan-worshiping cousins of Chuck Schumer – is saying that it is illegal for the Bidens to deport these diseased creatures.

I said from the beginning that it was unlikely the Haitians would be deported, and that the Bidens claiming they were going to deport them was just a PR move to look as if they are “centrist.” Hoax World contains a lot of these fakeouts, where politicians make some claim in order to seem reasonable, then reverse the claim.

There are already many reports that they’re just being released into the country en masse. There are also reports that they hijacked a bus, like in that movie “Speed” with Keanu Reeves (great film, btw).

And I mean – they are not being fenced in under that bridge. There is nothing keeping them from just walking out.

More importantly, I have pointed out that 20,000 Haitians are really a drop in the bucket, and that there are likely that many people coming across every day. This just became a media spectacle because of the stunning images of those blacks living under that bridge.

Immigration on the whole is really a distraction at this point.

They are going to bring in as many people as they want, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Furthermore, in terms of the future of America, it doesn’t really matter if there are 150 million or 250 million invasive parasites within our borders, the issue is going to have to be dealt with the same way.

Most of these brown people live in massive city centers anyway, and are largely going to die in the first wave of the collapse.

After the collapse, the biggest problem you’re going to be dealing with is the level of organization that Mexican drug cartels have. That’s going to be the real apocalypse war: whites verses Mexican drug cartels.

Those cartel people are kind of serious.

The Mexicans are likely to wipe out blacks, as well as other non-Hispanics.

But honestly, even the cartels are not going to try to move in on the Northwest or Northeast corridors, or into Appalachia. I don’t even think they will try to move into the Midwest, and if they do, we’re not going to have a problem holding them off.

Basically, the Southwest is pretty much lost already. Maybe in 100 years, we will have reorganized as a nation, and be able to make some kind of push to reclaim territories lost to the Mexicans. I don’t expect them to make any technological improvements after the collapse, and we will, so if we can organize properly, our grandchildren can reclaim California.

The bottom line is this: when we talk about immigration, and issues of nonwhites in America, you should be thinking about the longer term, or at least about the medium term. The US federal government collapsing is a foregone conclusion, but in the short term, you need to be thinking about avoiding the vax, avoiding being slaughtered in a city, avoiding being sent off to a concentration camp. Then, you should be thinking about how you’re going to survive post-collapse. That’s pretty much it.

These other issues that people move to reflexively, such as those relating to immigration or other issues whose relevance is dependent on the existence of a nation-state, are just distractions.

We have completely and totally lost the fight to regain control of the American nation-state. That’s a totally lost battle. Completely and totally lost. If you don’t internalize that fact, you’re just going to end up wasting a lot of energy.