Jew Chuck Schumer Sheds Crocodile Tears Over Trump’s Immigration Restrictions

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2017

Donald Trump has only been President for a week and we already have Jews in tears. The Jewish Senator from New York Chuck Schumer held a press conference to denounce President Trump’s immigration restrictions.

He literally cried! Look at these crocodile tears and try not to laugh!

President Trump is correct to ban immigration from these select Moslem nations considering prior Presidents have chosen to bomb many of them for the benefit of Israel. It is insane to accept people from the same countries that our own military has been attacking. In fact, I would have personally gone much further with the bans. Places like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and others should have been included on the list. Obviously I understand that President Trump didn’t do this for a variety of economic and political reasons, but immigration should ultimately be restricted from these countries also.

It is somewhat ironic that the Jewish press is criticizing him over not placing bans on Saudi Arabia and Pakistan by citing the origins of the 9/11 hijackers. If he did place a ban on those countries, they’d be going crazy over the economic impacts of such a move. Trump will never be able to win with the lying Jewish press no matter what he does.

Going back to Schumer, the only argument he is presenting is one based off of emotion. He claims that it is mean spirited and un-American to enact immigration bans. First off, most Americans couldn’t give a damn if it is mean spirited to block immigration from places where you have Islamic terrorists running around everywhere. There is also nothing un-American about banning immigration from specific parts of the world. America was founded by White Europeans and was never meant to be a multicultural society. Up until the 1960s, most immigration into America was from White Europeans and it certainly wasn’t unlimited. Jews have tried to claim that America has always been a country that accepted unlimited numbers from anywhere in the world. That is absolutely not the case.

Historically, sane countries have accepted immigrants only if it was in their interest to do so. A nation would not accept millions of people who don’t want to assimilate and only seek to leech off the economic productivity of the native population.

There is no reason to trust a Jew’s opinion on immigration. Look at how the Jews handle immigration in Israel and look at what Jews promote in White European nations. In the Jewish mind, immigration restrictions in White European countries is racist while immigration restrictions in Israel is a way to preserve the Jewish state. With that said, Schumer can take his crocodile tears on a one way trip to Israel.