Jew CDC Head Tom Frieden Struggles to Explain Why We Shouldn’t Ban Travel to West Africa

Daily Slave
October 11, 2014

Jew CDC head Tom Frieden wants White people to embrace the cultural vibrancy of the Ebola virus.

The Jewish Director of the Center for Disease Control, Tom Frieden, has just written a ridiculous opinion editorial explaining why he doesn’t support a travel ban to the Ebola infested regions of West Africa.  It almost looks like a satire piece, considering the insane arguments that this Jew makes.

He acts like it is our duty to help these Blacks in West Africa deal with the Ebola virus.  This is despite the fact that these people are incapable of helping themselves [or because of it, prehaps –Ed].

In Sierra Leone, the government is so incompetent that they have been unable to adequately compensate the people who have been tasked with removing the corpses of Ebola victims.  As a result, Ebola infected bodies are rotting in the streets.  Even worse is the fact that some of these people don’t want our help as evidenced by a Red Cross team that was attacked by local Blacks in Guinea.

Even if we saved all of these Blacks from the Ebola virus, what are we saving them for?  If they don’t die of the Ebola virus they will probably just end up killing and raping each other any way.  I fail to see why we should use valuable resources to save a bunch of Blacks in West Africa.  Does anyone really believe that any of these people are going to contribute something of substance to civilization if they are saved?  Conspiracies aside, it is very possible that the Ebola virus is just natures way of dealing with the unsustainable expansion in the Black population.  We should just let nature run its course.

Frieden also frames the issue in a false context.  He acts as if a general travel ban to these regions would mean that exceptions couldn’t be made for aid flights to and from the region.  Even though I do not support allocating resources to help these people, it is obvious exceptions could be made under particular circumstances.  Frieden pretends that there can be no gray area in dealing with this situation.

A general travel ban to and from these Ebola infested regions would in fact be a common sense measure to restrict the spread of the virus.  Instead, they have decided to take the risk of allowing people from these areas to fly into the United States where they will be screened once they arrive.  Why take that chance?  It is absurd to believe that screenings will be 100% effective at controlling the spread of Ebola.

Despite all of this, it would obviously be “racist” to place a travel ban on any African nation regardless of the circumstances.  It also impedes Barack Obama’s open borders agenda that is facilitating the on-going third world invasion of America.  So because of political correctness and Obama’s desire for illegal alien amnesty, we have to put millions of people at risk of catching Ebola.  This is just stupid.

Tom Frieden should immediately be removed as CDC head for his irrational stance on this matter.  Unfortunately, it will probably take thousands of Americans getting infected with Ebola before people in power start suggesting this as a possible course of action.

Ebola-Chan needs to be left alone and allowed to perform her mission of doom.
Ebola-Chan needs to be left alone and allowed to perform her mission of doom.