Jew CDC Director Vows to Stop Lying About Covid Death Toll

All of a sudden, we’re talking about the difference between “death from Covid” and “death with Covid.”

Even if you believed the virus exists as something other than the flu, it was clear from the very beginning of this hoax that anyone who died from anything was being listed as a Covid death.

Now, to try and act like their vaccines are doing something other than just killing people, they’re coming out with “maybe people are actually dying of other things and just testing positive for Covid before they die from that other thing.”

The CDC director, Jewess Rachel Walensky, appeared on Fox News this week and vowed to stop lying about this data. But the CDC vowing to stop lying is like a gang of black youths vowing to stop selling crack and killing people. The CDC is one of the single most corrupt organizations that has ever existed in history, having led this entire pandemic hoax.

So, don’t get excited when this Jew woman says “we’ve decided to lie less.”

That’s just silliness.