Jew Boy Calls 911 and Orders the Goyim Police to Bring Him McDonald’s; Officer Complies

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2019


So this little Jew shit called 911 and demanded some McDonald’s, and a good goy officer complied.

Good goy officer Dan Patterson

The Jew didn’t even have to pay for it; free delivery and free food.

Daily Mail:

A five-year-old from Michigan loves McDonald’s so much that he called 911 asking for cops to bring him food from the fast-food chain as an emergency.

Though the dispatcher said she couldn’t help young Iziah, he was shocked when a police officer showed up to his door with a bag of food.

In audio of the dispatch call he asked ‘Can you bring me McDonalds?’ to which the dispatcher said, ‘I’m sorry what?’ and he repeated his request.

The dispatcher crushed his request saying, ‘No I can’t bring you McDonald’s’.

She reached out to Wyoming, Michigan police officer Dan Patterson.

‘I was laughing to myself…Five-year-old calls dispatch and orders McDonald’s,’ Patterson said to the outlet.

Patterson was on his way to the home to make sure everything was okay, and decided to stop by McDonald’s to surprise the toddler.

‘I figured, hey, I’m driving past McDonald’s on my way there and I might as well get him something,’ he said.

Eventually Iziah was able to enjoy his free meal from the Golden Arches.

While Iziah surely learned his lesson he said seeing a cop bring him McDonald’s was ‘something funny’.

Yes, seeing the goyim police follow the orders of little Jew rats is funny — for Jews.

Iziah just confirmed what all of the adult Jews tell him; goyim exist to serve Jews.

This story really shows a critical aspect of the Jew-goyim dynamic of America. White people like to do nice things for others, and Jews like to demand things to be done for them.

Imagine what this does to the mind of this kid. No wonder Jews are so entitled. The only thing they have to do is to stroke the compassion organ of whites and the goyim will do their bidding to prevent another hollowcost and stuff.

Jews are masters of portraying themselves as victims, and they make sure to constantly remind the goyim of their absolute victim status.

Daily Mail:

The Great Synagogue of Warsaw ‘reappeared’ in the Polish capital on Thursday, 76 years after it was destroyed by the Nazis during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Artist Gabi von Seltmann used projectors to recreate the place of worship against the facade of the modern building which now stands in its place.

Recordings of the synagogue’s cantor Gerszon Sirota, who died in the ghetto, were used to recreate the sounds of Jewish Warsaw.

The light-and-sound show, taking place for the second year, was designed to remind Poles of a history which has now largely disappeared from the city.

Seltmann said she wants Polish society to remember the large Jewish community that was once an integral part of a multicultural country.

See? These parasite won’t ever let go.

We have to remove them ourselves.

First step is fixing our empathy. We have to calibrate it, because it’s one of their most effective go-to attack methods. It’s how they brainwash our people.

In order to do that, a big piece of the puzzle is getting our hormones in order.

Plastics, soy, corn syrup and all kinds of chemicals in soaps and shampoos are turning our men into estrogen bags. Estrogen overstimulates their empathy thing and results in veganism, cuckoldry and other such abominations.

We have to fight and break through the estrogen siege that’s suppressing our people’s bigotry instincts.

Intolerance needs to be a thing again.

We have to be intolerant towards little Jew shits that think they can order us around.

We have to be intolerant of Jews living in our countries.

We have to be intolerant of brown People of Legumes raping our borders and our women.

We have to be intolerant of niggers chimping out in our cities.

We have to be intolerant of coal burners and traitors.

We have to get the dildo out of our asses and scream ENOUGH, FUCK OFF at the face of degeneracy.