Jew Biden Administration Condemns WHO Report on Coronavirus, Accuses Them of Being Chinese Shills

Oh boy, oh boy.

I thought calling it the “China virus” was pure hatred for the slant of the eyes?

But no!

It turns out it’s not!

China actually is evil and actually does control WHO and actually did invent the coronavirus – and all of that is politically correct now, because Joe Biden is who we are.

Bloomberg News:

Top Biden administration officials on Sunday expressed concern about the way a pivotal report examining the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic was crafted, including the possibility that the Chinese government had a hand in writing it.

The Geneva-based World Health Organization has said the findings from its mission to Wuhan, China, in early 2021 will be ready in a few days. The report had been expected earlier in March.

The U.S. has “real concerns about the methodology and the process” of the report, including that the Chinese government “apparently helped to write it,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on CNN.

While there needs to be “accountability for the past,” the focus should be on building a stronger system for the future, Blinken said on “State of the Union.”

Anthony Fauci, the top U.S. infectious diseases specialist, said he didn’t know if the report would be a “whitewash” when asked about it on CBS, and said he wouldn’t pre-judge the conclusions.

“We do not believe that China has made available sufficient original data into how this pandemic began to spread both in China and then eventually around the world,” U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said on Feb. 21.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Friday that the U.S. was concerned about a lack of transparency and data in the preparation of that report.

“We’ll have to take a look at it and make sure we have access to the underlying information,” Psaki said in a press briefing. She reiterated a call for an international investigation into the pandemic and “the lack of transparency from the Chinese.”

China Is Making It Harder to Solve the Mystery of Where Covid Began

Robert Redfield, who led the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention during the first year of the pandemic, told CNN in a clip that aired Friday that he thinks the coronavirus originated in a Wuhan lab, reiterating a theory embraced by former president Donald Trump.

That scenario is more likely than any alternative, including that the virus erupted after transferring from animals to humans or in a live-animal market, Redfield said.

I’m so exhausted by talk of China, frankly.

But just look at this: these people are repeating all of the talking points of the Trump Administration, which they previously said were racist hatred.


Because the entrenched establishment in Washington is opposed to China. They were also opposed to Trump. They said anything they could against Trump because he was the immediate threat. So they said that he was bad for saying the virus was Chinese, but when they get in power, they say the virus is Chinese.

Trump was condemned for saying WHO was controlled by China, now the entire Biden Administration is saying it.

The “escaped from a Chinese lab” theory was considered fringe kookery up until yesterday; now the head of the CDC is saying it.

All of those conservative pundits who said that Biden was in bed with the Chinese were lying. This is all exactly what I said would happen, and exactly as I said, the narrative surrounding Joe Biden as a Chinese agent is preventing people from understanding what is going on.

The virus didn’t come from China. The pandemic isn’t real. Whatever they are calling “the virus” is just the flu. All of this was planned out beforehand. You can see it all. They’re now rolling out the vaccine passport in America, and across the West. This isn’t some thing where they’re taking advantage of a lucky situation, this situation was created by them.

Saying the virus is from China, saying they made it in a lab, is just more atrocity propaganda to stoke a war, or some kind of other serious conflict. The Biden Administration is run by Jewish neoconservatives, no different than Mike Pompeo and John Bolton. The difference is, Donald Trump didn’t let Mike Pompeo and John Bolton run wild, and Joe Biden is a senile old man who is not in control of anything.

This was all terribly predictable, based on information that we already had. “We’ve always been at war with Oceania,” and no one in the media is going to pause to consider that the Biden Administration is now making an argument they swore was racist just a couple months earlier.

I’m not trying to say “I told you so.” If I say that, I’m saying it to say “see, you thought I was crazy, but it turned out I’m not.” That will give you help in understanding the other things I’m saying now that you’re having a hard time processing. That’s all. I’m not gloating.

It is confusing. It’s confusing to the point that Biden’s own people don’t understand what’s going on. A few days after he entered office, his people banned the use of the term “Chinese virus.”

Now, here he is calling it a Chinese virus, attacking WHO.

So, it is confusing.

But what I try to do is work you through everything I say, and tell you how I’ve determined it, so you can do the same yourself. Maybe I need to link more of these think tank white papers? I don’t think anyone would read them. It’s not totally necessary, as you can follow things from the public statements that are made.

The basic fact is that China is the last holdout of nationalism with any significant power, and the goal of the ZOG “Western” order is to overthrow them, so they can use this virus hoax to create a one world government ruled by a high-tech Jewish police state.