Jew Bernie Orders Goyim to Apologize for Slavery

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 11, 2015

Benie: Why do you look so messed up and crazy?
Benie: Why do you look so messed up and crazy?

The Jew Presidential candidate, an SJW and – wackily enough – a supporter of apartheid Israel, has demanded that the filthy goyim pigs apologize for their ancestor’s treatment of the Blacks hundreds of years ago.

The Hill:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday said the nation owes an apology for slavery.

“As a nation — I don’t think as a president, but as a nation — we have got to apologize for slavery,” the 2016 Democratic presidential contender told host Joe Madison on Sirius XM’s “The Black Eagle.”

“As a nation we have got to apologize for slavery, and of course the president is the leader of the nation,” he added.

Sanders said that slavery had caused too much suffering to remain unaddressed.

“Obviously nobody in this generation was involved in slavery,” Sanders said.

“But as a nation, slavery is one of the abominations that our country has experienced,” he continued. “There is no excuse — what can we say about it?”

But Mr. Jew, I thought we were all just unique individual special snowflakes? If race and genetics don’t exist, how can we possibly be held accountable for the actions of our ancestors?

But if we are switching up the game, an now we do have a relationship to our ancestors, shouldn’t Blacks be apologizing to other Blacks for thousands of years of cannibalism? Shouldn’t the Turks be apologizing for invading and occupying Eastern Europe for hundreds of years? For all of those rapes?

Shouldn’t Moslems as a whole be apologizing for White slavery? All of these raids of Europe, where they captured all these sex slaves and men to row their boats?

I mean, surely, if we’re all equal, and now all responsible for the actions of our ancestors, every race has a lot of apologizing to do, Jew Bernie. Not the least of which being your own tribe, who invented and ran the transcontinental slave trade in the first place.

I mean, how about apologizing to the Arabs for the things your sickening race is doing to them right now, Bernie?